Tomlinson Twins

Hey I'm Chloe Tomlinson aged 20, the same with my twin sister Caitlin Tomlinson, she's like my best friend mainly because people only use us to get to our older brother Louis Tomlinson. yes the guy from the band One Direction. but anyway today me and Caitlin are going to live with Louis and his Band members for a year.


5. Chapter 5

Caitlin's POV

My plan for the whole year. Stalk I mean try and spend as much time with liam and get him to fall in love with me pfft! I'm NOT gunna stalk him! We just got back from the beach and everyone went to change. I still can't get over how cold the water was it was like I was the titanic -only I am smaller ALOT smaller- and the waves were the iceberg THAT FROZE ME AND KILLED EVERYONE!!!...I don't even know anymore! I'm pretty sure I belong in an mental home for mentalists NOOO OFFENCE. Anyway back to what I was getting at, As soon as we got back to the boy's place we all went to get changed. I decided to change into my batman outfit And no not just because liam likes batman, COS I like it!! So boom not so starker-ish now huh?


I walked out my room just as chloe was walking out of her room and of course she was wearing her superman outfit she laughed and pointed at my outfit. "Twin instinct?" she asked I nodded

"Oh yes twin instinct!" I laughed back before walking down the hallway towards the kitchen.I walked in to see liam sat down on a stool texting, I wonder who? eh whatever! I looked passed him to were niall was sitting stuffing his face with...Cookies? Not just any cookies MY COOKIES!!
"NIALL JAMES HORAN!" I shrieked. he looked up at me and his face paled. I could hear footsteps running towards this direction, in jogged Chloe and Louis, Chloe's face fell as she seen him eating the cookies, I guess her and Louis remembered what happened last time someone took MY cookies. "LOUIS GRAB HER!" chloe shouted taking a seat on the stool and pretending to look at her nails " OH and niall, I would run!" she laughed, he did as told as Louis freed me he is sooooo gunna get it!


Chloe's POV

I laughed as Caitlin ran after poor niall. I looked up at lam who was smiling "ohh" I spoke he stopped laughing and looked at me obviously confused. "She's hilarious, really they were cookies!" he laughed I shook my head.

"I take it Louis hasn't told you what happened last time." I smirked and he looked up. "why are you so interested in Caitlin there?" I questioned, knowing exactly what I was going to get him to say. He blushed a deep red. " I KNEW IT!" I sad jumping up and doing a happy dance.

"Knew what?" Liam gulped

"Lil liam has a crush on my TWIN!" I yelled.





















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