Tomlinson Twins

Hey I'm Chloe Tomlinson aged 20, the same with my twin sister Caitlin Tomlinson, she's like my best friend mainly because people only use us to get to our older brother Louis Tomlinson. yes the guy from the band One Direction. but anyway today me and Caitlin are going to live with Louis and his Band members for a year.


4. Chapter 4

Chloe's POV


As we all dashed across the sand laughing and shouting I couldn't help but think of what life is going to be when Caitlin and I have to leave these guys. I can tell we both made new best friends, 4 to be exact not including Louis because he's our brother.

We finally hit the waves and Caitlin screamed as the icy cold water crashed up against her bare knees, The 3 boys with us ( Harry Niall and Liam) ran further in. I turned to Caitlin and walked back to her "COME ON! caity it won't be too bad once we have been in for a while." I whined trying to deceive my sister into coming into the crashing waves. She laughed looking behind me, probably at the swimming boys. I obviously spoke to soon as I felt a pair of arms wiggle around my waist and throw me over the shoulder I shrieked at first till I realised who it was.

"NIALL put me down!" I laughed

"NO you need to come in, considering you walked in on my cookie feast and scared me half to death." he replied and kept walking further into the waves.

"Okay but I CAN walk." I said and he put me back down so I could reach the sandy ground as the waves clashed around us. "Better?" he chuckled and I nodded.

Louis's POV

I watched with Zayn as my other 3 best friends and sisters ran of into the waves. I studied niall hard and knew he liked Chloe. I guess that's ok?? I'm not even sure if they did date that would mean my sister and best friend. hmm, URGH THIS IS HARD TO THINK.

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