Tomlinson Twins

Hey I'm Chloe Tomlinson aged 20, the same with my twin sister Caitlin Tomlinson, she's like my best friend mainly because people only use us to get to our older brother Louis Tomlinson. yes the guy from the band One Direction. but anyway today me and Caitlin are going to live with Louis and his Band members for a year.


2. Chapter 2

Chloe's POV


Caitlin and I were sat in the back of Louis's car, texting, yes texting I know what your thinking why not just talk. well it would be easier if Louis didn't her this convo or else Caitlin would be 'dead'.


To: Caity

By the way I knew you liked Liam ;)


From: Caity

What the?? HOW girly?! D:


To: Caity

For starters there are TONS of pics of him on your phone (Yep I even know your password) and then there is that cut out of him and the poster you hide under your bed that you kiss everynight.


From: OMGGG I hate you, I cant believe you seen me kissing that thing!!


"Okay okay girls are you seriously texting each other when your sitting right next to each other." Louis chuckled my head shout up to look at the silly smile on his face as Caitlin blushed. "Yep!" I replied in my 'duh' tone making us all laugh.

"Well for the record we are here and Chloe I AM the sass master NOT you!" Louis stated climbing out of the vehicle. as me and Caitlin followed pulling our suitcases into the elevator "Are my favourite twins gunna tell me what they were texting about?" Louis questioned

"Louis were your only sisters and the only twins, and nope!" Caitlin replied as the elevator dinged as we climbed out. 4 boys rushed in tackling Louis to the floor. I looked at Caitlin and she looked back a smirk on her face

"Heeeey!" she almost shouted, i'm glad I blocked my ears in time "That's my thing! I thought only me and Chloe tackled the Tommo." Caitlin whined in a playful way as all the boys got up.Louis jumped up dusting himself off

"anway...These are my sisters Chloe & Caitlin there Non-identical Twins." Louis stated happily

"HELLO IM CAITLIN OH MY GEE." Caitlin said before rushing off to have a look around

leaving me with the four boys. I smiled at them "Well I'm Chloe and that was my crazy-ass sister." I chuckled as they boys introduced them selves. "She's definitely excitable isn't she, your sister that is." liam asked I groaned if only he knew

"Hell yea! even at 4 am in the morning." I chuckled. as Caitlin came back and we all emerged into chatter.

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