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Blurb: Annie coswall is like any normal 11 year old girl. Ever since her parents divorced, Annie only sees her dad twice a year as her mum hates him. When her mum reveal she is moving to France with her step dad for their new jobs, and annie isn't happy at all. Annie decides that it is time to go to her dads so hops on the bus to his house. It is good life. Nearer to her school, nearer to her best friend. Though her dad has changed a lot. He lives in a big house, he has a new wife, he has a child on the way. Annie doesn’t mind this but all she wants is to make sure she and her dad can really bond more as they haven't seen each other in years Will they? In a fun loving diary of an 11 year old she tells her story.


2. Wednesday 3rd February 17:12

I hate my mum. I really hate her. I can’t believe what she has done to me. She is the meanest person in the world at the moment. I am so annoyed at her. It all started at 5 this afternoon after I got home from my best friend Anna’s house that lives a bit away. She lives near my school which is far away from me. Here is what happened.

So I get home after having a nice day at school. Me and my friend went roller-skating at the park. So I walk through the front door and my mum comes up to me saying she has some news. I didn’t know whether it was good or bad. So I walk into the kitchen feeling nervous. I didn’t know what was going to happen. She could say anything. It could be some really good news or something really bad.

I sit down at the table while my mum goes to get my step dad from the station that is five minutes away. I just wait playing on my ipod. Bored and worried. I mean what is a child supposed to think when there mum says “I have something I need to say to you”. It could mean anything.

Mum finally gets home after 15 minutes and she and my step dad come to the table.

“So darling remember how me and your step dad wrote that story about a girl who discovers what London is like,” said my mum.

“Yes how could I forget mum I had to read it for 5 weeks,” I said to my mum.

“yes, so I talked to my manager and he got us promoted. We are going to be working on some new stories in Paris. We are going to be covering there for at least 3 years he wants us to leave before the end of February so we can get settled there,” said my mum.

I said nothing. I was just so angry with my mum. I stormed upstairs so it was clear I wasn’t moving. I went up to my room where I am writing my diary. My first entry and there is already tension in my family. When isn’t there tension in my chaotic family. My family is one of the most dysfunctional family ever known to man kind ever. That is in true figures I haven’t made this up.

5 minutes later

I am still mad at my mum. I won’t ever be not mad at her because of what she has done. This will be the 3rd time we in a year. Mum and dad got divorced 3 years ago. After the divorce me and mum moved to a flat near my school.  Then mum married my step dad we moved to a new flat. Then we moved to a new house so we could be nearer to my mum step dad’s work. Now we could be moving to Paris. I hate my mum. She has always been one of those parents who like to mess the children about. I don’t want to be that child anymore. The one who moves every six months. The child who never has time to make friends. You never want to be that child but someone has to be.

10 seconds later

I checked my emails just now and I got one from my dad and my wonderful step mum Lucy. I looked at it to see what it was.



Subject: hey darling

Hey Annie I know it has been ages since you last saw me. Well at least a year and I want to see you again. So I have just moved to a new house and it is down the same road of your school. Come visit sometime and tell your mum you are visiting a friend. Me and Lucy want to see you. We haven’t seen you in ages and with your half -sister on the way now is the perfect time to visit before the baby is born. You can stay overnight even as we live in a 4 bedroom house and one box room. We just finished unpacking last week and me and Lucy have some extra special presents for you. So come visit as soon as possible and here is our new address

123 Malbourgh road

Rosden town

It is two minutes from your school and only 10 doors down from Bethany’s house. I hope to see you soon my little Annie darling.

See you soon


Your dad and step mum.

I read your letter and it gave me an idea. Dad said he wanted to see me and I want to see him.  Now I have a gigantic bag  and I only need a few items tomorrow.  I just need to put my ipod, phone and tablet in there for devices and a few outfits. Only about 7. Then about two pairs of shoes with my school shoes and I have p.e. tomorrow last so I can take them home. Mum makes me get the school bus on my own because she has to go the opposite way to work. She works way up in London near waterloo. She makes me take a 2 minute walk to the bus stop then sit on a 30 minute bus ride at least. I have to get up at 7:00 just to get to school on time.

 So I am just starting to pack my bag. Mum will see then that she can’t mess me about anymore. She needs to know that I am not going to be the messed about kid any longer. I am going to be a normal kid for once.The kid I have always wanted to be since mum and dad split up. The kid I never have been in my whole life. The kid I will be now when I move back with dad. Then everything would be ok again. I just know it will.

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