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Blurb: Annie coswall is like any normal 11 year old girl. Ever since her parents divorced, Annie only sees her dad twice a year as her mum hates him. When her mum reveal she is moving to France with her step dad for their new jobs, and annie isn't happy at all. Annie decides that it is time to go to her dads so hops on the bus to his house. It is good life. Nearer to her school, nearer to her best friend. Though her dad has changed a lot. He lives in a big house, he has a new wife, he has a child on the way. Annie doesn’t mind this but all she wants is to make sure she and her dad can really bond more as they haven't seen each other in years Will they? In a fun loving diary of an 11 year old she tells her story.


3. Thursday 4th febuary 7:40

 I just got on the bus to school. Today it is really empty. I told Bethany about my plan. At first she thought I was crazy. Then I told her the reason why and then she understood. She knew all I wanted was a proper family like her. The difference was I was getting my family and she wasn’t

When Bethany was young her dad was killed by a drunk taxi driver leaving Beth and her older siblings in the care of her  free spirited mum. After his death, she kept on going to parties at night to meet new people. Nearly every week she has a new boyfriend. Beth just wants her mum to settle down.

Anyway when Beth found out I was moving closer to her she was so happy. I am going home with her tonight. She knows where my dads house is so she can show me.

Eventhough Beth loved my plan, she found one flaw ,trust beth to do that,

“What if your dad doesn’t want you to live with him. I mean he has got a new child on the way. He might just want to focus on her or him at the moment,” said Beth.

Then for a minute I thought she might be right. Then I reasiled how much my dad loved me. I mean he asked me to come to his house to see him it is not like I am coming out of the blue. I know I haven’t told him but he will expect me to come any day now. He asked me to come. Plus the baby isn’t due for 4 months.

I am a bit worried though as I have only met my step mother once and that was 2 years ago. I know she is quite nice but she hasn’t ever got to know me for me than a few hours in a room with me. We haven’t been able to have a day out together as my mum in her words said “I don’t want you hanging out with that women ever. Your lucky enough I let you see your father and I hate him more than her.” I never knew why she didn’t like dad after the divorce and I never will know the real reason why because I am never going back to my mum even if someone dragged me there.

Eventhough dad invited me, I am worried though. I mean I haven’t spoken to him in a year. I mean the last time I saw him it was for a day out and that was only a couple of hours at the zoo. I mean I was 9 then in year 5 and now I am 11 in year 7. I mean it has been a long while. We haven’t had any time at all to talk to each other. I mean by that speak in real life not just texting and emailing each other what is happening in our lives. I want us to have nice days out and atcually speak and see each other. I want him to know even though I haven’t seen him in over a year that I love him even though I know he already knows that.

30 minutes later….

Just got of the bus. Beth met me at the bus stop. She always does. Well always has done. She won’t have to anymore. From now on we can go to school together. First we have english today and just before lunch p.e. We have second i.c.t and 4th computing. Then last we have geography.

So Beth meets me at the bus stop with sally (Oh another person I have to explain.)

Ok so this will be a quick explanation on sally.Sally is Beths over protective older sister. Ever since her dad died, Beth’s sister became over protective. Beths sister is 17 now and beth is 11. She still tries to be over protective but she does realise that her sister is growing up now and that she doesn’t need to be protected forever.

“Hey sally, I heared that you have a free lesson first today?” I said

“Yh and before you ask I am not going to the shops for you,” said Sally.

“But the only lunch my mum gave me was one of her new vegan diet sandwhiches and trust me I don’t want to try bread and lettece and tomato I mean no cheese , no butter and no meats or anything like that. She won’t let me have coke or crisp anymore. My drinks are grape flavoured water and let me tell you it is disgusting. It is only for one day because for tomorrow dad will make me lunch,” I said.

“Fine I’ll go to the shops near my house then come back to school. Anyway I have to go and meet Brian at the park across the road so bye Beth and Annie. Remember Annie to get your lunch later and Beth I have your spare trainers if you need them for p.e.,” said sally.

So me and Beth started walking to english and I have to go into class in a minute.

5 hours later….

Ok let me just say one thing. Atcually me and beth want to say something to anyone who is reading this. I hate p.e. Today we had to run across the field 10 times. Then we had to play a game of dodgeball while running threw the school maze. Let me tell you the only bit I like of p.e. is dance, gymnastics and when we are allowed to use all the trampolines and skipping ropes and if we are lucky some of the balls but no this topic are teacher wants us to learn some of her new extreme sports she made that will help us with health and fittness. Her doing this made me think of a new title for it. P.f.e (pain for everyone.) Yeah and that is true. All of our class kept on walking into hedgesor getting hit by our own team with a dodge ball in the sky. Next time we do p.e we are luckily playing some less extreme games with our other teacher playing trampoline basket ball.

So today we have geography next. Luckily I get to sit next to beth for that. Today we are going to learn something about maps I think.

My lunch is really nice today, thanks to sally for getting me something nice,. I got a bacon and chicken sandwhich with salad and mayonaise and a chocolate bar with a bag of crisp and a coke. Tommorow dad will hopefully make me something so Sally won’t have to do that again.

Anyway before we ate are lunch me and Beth had to wait for her sister because Beth left her geography book at home. She did come after waiting for her for 5 minutes.

Anyway class starts in a minute go to go now.

2 hours later…

This entry will just be telling you what happened with dad.

Me and Beth got out of class and started walking home.

“Annie I can’t believe you are really doing this. I mean you need to be sure that you really want to leave mum and step dad?” asked Beth.

“I am sure. I don’t want to move to paris. I don’t like my step dad and my mum makes me eat all these healthy meals. I love my dad but I never get to see him. I want a proper family. I want for once in my life I want to feel like I belong,” I said.

“Good because I think it would be nice for you to have an atcual family. I mean I know how hard it has been for you being moved about all the time. I know you have missed your dad and you haven’t seen him in ages,” said Beth.

We stop right outside my dads house.

“OK, now remember Annie I am meeting you here tommorow. I will be here around 8:00. Bye Annie,” said Beth

“Bye Beth,” I said.

I stand outside the door and put my bag on the floor so I can reach the door bell. I press the door bell and then pick my bag up. My step mum comes out and answers the door.

“Annie you decided to come. Come in. I need to get your dad. He is just upstairs. Sit downover their,” said Lucy.

I sat down. My opinion of lucy was quite nice. I mean I have only seen her once but I like her. She talks to me online a lot when dad is busy. My dad comes downstairs and I come to him with open arms.

“Dad! I have missed you so much,” I said.

“So have I my little Annie bell” said dad, “So how long are you staying?”

“Well… I have missed you dad. Me and mum have been having troubles again. She wants me to move to paris with her and my step dad. I told her I didn’t want to so I decided that I wanted to live with you and lucy. I want to have a proper family,” I said.

“Darling we have pleanty of room for you to live with us. We even have a room set out for you and it has been painted pink for you and soon you can pick some nice decorations for it. I just need you to know I’ll love you and that it will be good for us to be a family but I can tell you haven’t told your mum about this from what you said and so she isn’t worried about where you are we are going to have to call her,” said dad.

“But dad she will just tell me to come back home now and that what I have done is stupid,” I said.

Tears nearly came to my eyes. I knew dad only said we had to tell mum because it was the best thing to do.

“Ok darling I get it. I never knew things where so bad. We don’t have to tell her yet but we will tell her in a couple of days,” said dad.

It made me smile that he understood me. No one ever has. Ever since the divorce I felt like no one was listening to me. I would come home from school say something to mum like can I go round so and so’s house and she would just carrying on speaking on the phone. I just felt invisable all the time like I was being ignored for a reason and that reason was because they were having a stupid argument over my custody but since then mum never cared about me.

Now we are  chatting about my room and what we are going to do to it what colour the new baby’s room will be and let me tell you it has been the most fun ever atcually being with dad and it has only been an hour.

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