you always find your way to your real home

Blurb: Annie coswall is like any normal 11 year old girl. Ever since her parents divorced, Annie only sees her dad twice a year as her mum hates him. When her mum reveal she is moving to France with her step dad for their new jobs, and annie isn't happy at all. Annie decides that it is time to go to her dads so hops on the bus to his house. It is good life. Nearer to her school, nearer to her best friend. Though her dad has changed a lot. He lives in a big house, he has a new wife, he has a child on the way. Annie doesn’t mind this but all she wants is to make sure she and her dad can really bond more as they haven't seen each other in years Will they? In a fun loving diary of an 11 year old she tells her story.


1. before i begin



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