My dirty little secret

I saved Harry Styles while he was being mobbed by fans. Soon we started dating and after that I got sucked into his dark little secret and then go do something terrible...


6. The rehearsal wedding :)

I was at the wedding in my dress waiting until 19:00 until then I danced and partied until the clock showed 7. My dad banged his fork against a glass.

"Escuse me,"he yelled.

Everyone looked at him. I was jumping up and down to get out.

"My daughter has a speech what she has been practicing forever,' he smiled.

Oh my god I knew I forgot something I had to prepare a speech...

"Erm... hello...everyone and welcome to my parents wedding," I smiled then walked away.Dad came close to me.

"Is this all you have worked anyone can think of that!" he whispered angrily.

" Theres more"

" Erm... I am gonna look forward erm.. to when they get married...oh and they said once they get married they're gonna have a new baby so I will be a big sister and I can't wait for that to happen," she grinned.

Everyone just clapped and carried on eating there food soon my phone bleeped I had 2 messages from ages ago.

And then I took two long doing the speech that it was past the time I needed to be there. I texted him back saying I will be right there and I am sorry I am late.

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