My dirty little secret

I saved Harry Styles while he was being mobbed by fans. Soon we started dating and after that I got sucked into his dark little secret and then go do something terrible...


7. Sick :(

I looked around thinking of a way to escape and then I saw the back door. Sneakily, I tiptoed back the bar man and through the door. I stared looking around. I was in an ally and a few steps later I was on the streets. That wasn't so hard. Anyway, I called a taxi telling them to pick me up fast. He charged 20 pounds extra but it was worth it. Soon I was at Pizza Hut looking for the table that Harry was at and then I found him with a load of security guards on other close tables.

I walked up to him and smiled.

"Hi," I flirted.

"Hello," he said in his smart suit.

I sat down at the table and smiled.

"Listen ... if you need to be somewhere we can have this...erm... friend hangout again soon," he smiled.

At that moment, my heart sank because he said a friends hangout. Tears formed in my eyes.

"Erm... no I don't have to be any where else," I cried.

"Great I will go get a heart shaped pizza. Sorry I mean circle," he shivers.

"Ok," I smiled.

Can you believe he said heart and then corrected it to circle.

The waitress came up and delivers our drinks she looked like some one of Harry's ex's... Kendal Jenner but that I don't think can never happen.

Harry came back and looked at the waitress who was now staring at me his mouth opened. I gave him a curious look.

"Thank you," he smiled.

The waiter went away and nothing was getting in my way of getting Harry styles at my boy friend. I smiled at him and then we started talking and it turns out that our lives are kind of alike without the fame . Soon the pizza came but it was shaped as a heart. I smiled like I didn't notice anything at all. I took a bit and then spat it out on the floor and ran in the bathroom. 15 minutes later, I came out and Harry asked if I liked the pizza but I said I have an allergy to pepperoni. He smiled and then took me to the wedding place where everyone was freaking out of where I was.

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