My dirty little secret

I saved Harry Styles while he was being mobbed by fans. Soon we started dating and after that I got sucked into his dark little secret and then go do something terrible...


2. I'm Gonna Call Him

A couple of months, my phone rang waking me up. I yawned and checked my phone it was Lisa my best friend from school. I answered my phone.

" Hey Megan sorry woke you up but you need to look at news right now," she smiled.

" Why?" I yawned.

"Just do it!" she commanded hanging up the phone.

I went on the app Harry gallery and it said: Guess what Harry Styles fans Harry and Kendall Jenner have broke up and he is looking for the mysterious girl who saved him a few mounts ago from an attack of fans. He gave her his phone number but never got hers in return...what's next for Harry Styles?

I gulped and kept blinking until I couldn't believe my eyes. I searched threw my pockets on all of my jeans in the wardrobe but the number wasn't there. Then I remembered I put it in my jewellery box. I kissed the number then smiled. I grabbed my phone and started dialing in the numbers.

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