My dirty little secret

I saved Harry Styles while he was being mobbed by fans. Soon we started dating and after that I got sucked into his dark little secret and then go do something terrible...


3. Has he asked me on a date?

"Hello," he answers.

"Hi," I shivered.

"Who's this?"

"It's me...Megan,"

Silence appeared from no where.

"Megan..Did you say?" he whispered.

"Yes it's Megan," I smiled.

"Oh my god I have been waiting so long for you to ring me and to ask you this question..." he replied.

Just then questions were running through my mind of what question he was gonna ask me.

"Erm...well would you like to hang out some time," he shivers.

I put the phone down from my right ear and started jumping up and down.

"Sure I will," acting calm and cool

"Great meet you at Pizza Hut tonight at 19:00?"

" I wouldn't miss it," I smiled.

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