A New Beginning

Can Jasmine and Harry give another shot at what they had or something goes wrong. Read to find out!!!


9. 9

~1 week later~


I woke up in pain and sweat dripping form my body as I had fell asleep on the couch waiting on Bells or Kylie then I remembered they were with Liam and Louis great I thought as the pain in shoulder was getting worse I felt tears roll. I get up and strap my walking stick to my wrist. I heard the door open and close being the curious person I am hid around the corner and tripped them asking who it is. I heard a groan and say it's Jasmine I recognized the voice and said sorry and helping him up with my good arm I apologized again as he laughed and hugged me and kissed my forehead.


I walked up to the house looking for my for keys. I found them and unlocked the door and walked in when I left earlier she was asleep on the couch. I walked in a little further only to be greeted my the floor I heard Jasmine ask me who I was. I forget she still can't see so every time I walk in. I asked her if she put her eye drops in since earlier before I left she shook her head. I grabbed the eye drops from the cabinet and walked to the couch as she sat while she sat on the ground in front of me and leaned her head back to where her head was laying in my lap. I put the drops in and she blinked a couple times then lifted up and shook her head I laughed and pulled her on the couch with me before she could even stand  up and I asked her how her nap was she told me she woke up drenched in sweat and that her shoulder hurt and her eyes. I kissed the corner of he eye and said sorry she giggled and slowly started dozing off in my arms.

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