A New Beginning

Can Jasmine and Harry give another shot at what they had or something goes wrong. Read to find out!!!


8. 8


It's been hours since they took her for surgery they either aren't done yet or they killed her because she is stubborn. I laughed at myself when a doctor came up to us telling us how it went. He said some of the pieces were hard to extract so they took out the whole blade and replaced it with a metal one. He laughed saying she was very stubborn so they knocked her out again we all laughed with him when he told us that. He told us that she's now able to see visitors. Me and Kylie walked in the room looking at a sleeping Jasmine her arm is all purple and blue. I felt so sorry for her.


I stayed with Jasmine while everyone else went to eat and keep themselves busy and I told them that would text them a soon as she woke up. I was watching TV when I heard a low voice coming from beside me I looked at her and she groaned trying to sit up I helped her. She asked who I was I told her Kylie and she said sorry still cant see I told her it's alright. I texted everyone she's awake and called a nurse to check. The nurse made her lay back down Jasmine struggled she didn't want to lay down but eventually got tired fighting with. The nurse tried to put drops in her eyes but she put her hand in front of the bottle and asked the nurse what was that stuff. I tried hard not to laugh at them. The nurse told her they were just drops it's alright and to my surprise she actually let her put the drops in. The door started opening and in came the others I saw all the happy looks on their faces as they seen the girl complaining about everything they all laughed at her and she looked around confused as to 6 different people laughs directed at her. She said I suggest you make it clear before I break you with my 1 good arm. They laughed at her again and announced themselves.


I walked in the room hearing her complain about well.....everything we just laughed at her she looked confused and said I suggest you announce yourselves before I break you with one arm we laughed at her and I said Harry putting my hand on her arm. Her eyes got wide and she tackled me with a hug I was a bit taken back but I instantly held her tight we stayed like that for a while until she pulled away and smiled. The boys all went up to her and hugged her then there was Bella she yelled Jasmine before tackling her into a hug Jasmine laughed and hugged back knowing who it was instantly.

~45 minutes later`

*****No One ****

Jasmine started complaining again. While everyone else was slept she got up annoyed. She can't see she walked out running into a couple people feeling for the desk. When she got there and asked the lady when will she go back home the nurse noticed she can't see so the nurse said come on you aren't supposed to roam the halls Jasmine being stubborn no I want to know when I can go home. When I can see again. When this arm will stop hurting I have questions nobody is answering. The nurse sighed and sat her on a bench and explained that no one knows when you'll be normal again that's why you need to lay down so e can do more test then we'll get back to you on those dates. Jasmine shed a tear and nodded asking the nurse to help her.


I woke up and saw Bella snuggled into my chest I looked around and I saw Kylie and Lou passed out together on a chair. I looked at the bed and I didn't see Jasmine I freaked out and woke everyone up asking where did Jasmine go. Harry panicked then he heard someone walk up to the door. They walked in and Jasmine came in with a walker strapped around her wrist and her arm around a nurse's arm guiding her. The nurse smiled and said good you guys are up don't panic I just fed her while she got out she smiled at the relieved expression on Harry's face and helped her to the bed while Jasmine kept saying she didn't want to but the nurse said doctor's orders ah then did what the nurse said and sat on the bed pouting.

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