A New Beginning

Can Jasmine and Harry give another shot at what they had or something goes wrong. Read to find out!!!


7. 7


I watched as her eyes grew wide. She moved closer to me I held her close to me and whispered just go. She shook her head violently. The doctors grabbed her and she freaked out and starting kicking and screaming. She kicked one doctor in the stomach and with her good shoulder she rammed it in to the other one holding her. Reaching for my hand but was held back but was held back by another doctor who was still conscious. He injected her with some clear liquid that made her pass out. I looked at the doctor and screamed what did you do to her! he chuckled and said I put her to sleep is that alright with you. I never seen her like that I was scared that it wouldn't go well or they would mess up but I don't want to jinks anything so I'll stop worrying or try to at least.


We watched when the doctors came up to us and said it was tome for her surgery her eyes grew wide she couldn't see them but she recognized their voices. Harry whispered something in her ear she shook her head. The doctors grabbed her and she just freaked out knocking out 2 doctors leaving 1 to grab her ,but he was smart he put her to sleep first before grabbing her. Harry looked so panicky and worried. He kept running his fingers through his hair trying not to stress. It's quite obvious that he is in love with her this is a perfect example.

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