A New Beginning

Can Jasmine and Harry give another shot at what they had or something goes wrong. Read to find out!!!


4. 4

~weeks later~


I smiled as I learned some new moves from JB's head dancer once he was done he was impressed I guess because I'm a fast learner. I looked over at Bella and Kylie as they fangirled like every time I bring them somewhere. I went through the moves again when I heard someone yell 5 minutes I fixed myself a bit and walked out.


I watched as all his crew got in a circle including Jasmine as they sad a prayer and a little cheer type think and then the announcer came in and they all went running out ready to begin the song. I was so happy for Jasmine look she's dancing with JB literally and we were right here close to the stage it was exciting.


I read a tweet from Jasmine saying big show tonight so excited I smiled reading that knowing she's not sulking like me but then I get a message from Bella saying she's really good at putting a mask on I thought about what she meant then I realize that's all she is doing she's breaking inside like me. I just wish I could see her 1 last time it's been almost 2 months since we broke up I hate saying that I just want to see her smile again and hug her is that to much to ask for.


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