A New Beginning

Can Jasmine and Harry give another shot at what they had or something goes wrong. Read to find out!!!


3. 3


I was sitting in the kitchen thinking when Liam came in there saying Jasmine graduated and got a contract to be a professional dancer and that her first star to dance with was Austin Mahone just the thought of made me want to lock myself in a room and cry but I didn't I just smiled at him and told I would call and congradulate her. He walked away I never called her because it would kill me not being able to say I love you right before we hang up I didn't realize how much she meant to me but how little I meant to her. I felt water down my face i hurried and dried them before the boys would notice.


I was with Bella and Kylie watching movies as my congradulation present it brought me back to Harry and the boys I remembered the movie when he kissed me. Kylie waved a hand in front of my face and told Bella she's thinking of Harry again Bella just sighed and said why don't you call him I yelled it's not that easy he probably found someone better than me Bella scoffed and said he didn't I asked how does she know she just said Liam. I would probably never admit this but I really miss him a lot.


Kylie laughed and said she spaced out again I thought she really needs to talk to him I can tell every time she thinks about him her eyes start getting teary to where all I want to do is call Harry to come comfort his "girlfriend" but I can't I dialed his number and shoved it to her. He picked up an she just looked at the phone as he said hello again I watched as a tear rolled down her face and she said she can't do it and handed me my phone back and ran to the bathroom I said sorry to Harry he asked what that was for I told him I was trying to get her to talk to you but she ended up crying he said oh but he sounded sad as well he said he had to go and hung up I knocked on the door and the door swung open revealing a Jasmine that didn't even look like she was crying after all the commotion was over we continued our movie.

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