A New Beginning

Can Jasmine and Harry give another shot at what they had or something goes wrong. Read to find out!!!


15. 15


I woke up before Harry so I decided to take a shower. I felt for the knobs and turned them on to where my water was just right. I stayed in there for what felt like hours until I realized I had to get out before Harry gets up I got out the shower singing a bit as I got dressed thanks to Harry's little tips in finding my clothes. I dressed in red skinny jeans and a white blouse. I wanted  to cook breakfast but Harry said to stay away from the stove for a while. I was walking to the room when I heard Haz talking to someone I couldn't make out what exactly was being said all I heard was him saying but you cant tell anyone. I thought about  what he could have meant by that. I heard him say something about an appointment and that he was scared whether it would go right or not I heard him sigh and get up I ran and jumped on the couch and turned the tv hoping he wouldn't notice that I cant see it. I heard him laugh as I said to myself dang it he's good I heard him laugh more. He stopped and asked if I heard anything I scratched the back of my neck and pulled a cheesy smile. He got serious and told me that he was able to make and appointment he asked me if I was sure I wanted to do that. I kissed him and said I'm sure as long as you're the first person I see I think I'll be fine.


Harry said that Jasmine was thinking about surgery at first I was scared for her but then again she's a tough girl and she just wants to see everything again it sucks. He also told me that he has a ring it's a promise ring. I almost choked on my coffee when he said that. He was going to promise her I squalled and almost fell out of my chair I was going to scream but then he told me to keep quiet not even she knows then he said he had to go and get ready. I told Liam that she was going through with the surgery and that we NEED to be there for her.


I got ready we were only hours away until she can see again I hurried getting dressed and shoved the ring in my pocket before she came in. She smiled at me and whispered only hours away she grabbed her walking stick and strapped it around her wrist with her phone in the other hand I grabbed it from her and put in her pocket as she grabbed my forearm. She got on her tippy toes and kissed my cheek she told to stop worrying it causes wrinkles. I laughed at her as we walked out to the car. We arrived at the eye doctor ready for this to go by. I was shaking she squeezed my hand and smiled walking to the doctor when the boys, Bella, and Kylie. Her smile grew as she recognized who they were. She hugged me tight saying don't worry as she walked to the doctor.


I walked in the room as the doctor helped me on the little bed. He asked me how this happened and why did I want to go through the surgery. I told him I got shot showing him the scar. I told him that I wanted to see my boyfriend and my friends again I want to dance again and not worry about if I'm doing the moves wrong all because I cant see. He told me he would be right back and to sit tight. He came back asking me if I was ready I shook my head as I let a tear roll before he out me to sleep.


We waited for what felt like hours I watched as everyone looked worried especially Harry he probably lost half his hair just sitting here rubbing his hands through his hands through his hair. I patted his back telling she had a fifty-fifty chance she'll see again she's a good girl I'm sure it'll work out just fine he thanked me and calmed down a bit. I looked at the others and sighed going back to twitter.

~Couple hours later~


We heard a door click as a wobbly Jasmine came into view. We all let out a sigh of relief she smiled sticking out her hand for whoever would take it. I caught her before she fell the doctor was talking to Harry saying that it should take about 4 hours and to give her eyes drops and she should be good to go. Harry looked so relieved I even seen a little tear roll down his face. I walked her over to Harry where she tackled him in a hug whispering something in his ear as I turned back to Lou and smiled at him.


She walked out of the room smiling. I went to talk to the doctor I asked if it worked. He told me that it went well but wait 4 hours to take off the bandages off and to put eye in as soon as you take them off then she should be good. I felt a tear roll down I also felt Jasmine tackling me in a hug she whispered I thought I told you to stop worrying I don't want my beautiful boyfriend to have wrinkles at 19. I squeezed her and just laughed at her. We decided to go get something to eat because almost 5 hours of sitting there kind of makes you hungry. I helped her to the car as we were going to meet up at Nandos.


It was about a 2 hour drive back in to town. I felt the car come to a stop. Harry opened my door helping me inside. We ordered and waited a while for our food t come. When our food was here there wasn't a sound I bet we looked like a pack of hungry wolves. I was counting when exactly I can take these bandages off. I waited till everyone was finished or 2 hours to be exact I smiled at them. I took off the glasses an began to peel the bandages off I opened and closed my eyes really fast everything was blurry. I asked Harry for the drops he gave them to me as I put them in I blinked a couple times and shook my head. I heard Harry laughing at me I looked at him blinking a couple times. I saw him clearly I smiled and hugged him really tight. I heard everyone asks if I can actually see. I smiled at them and nodded my head. I grabbed Harry's hand and ran outside to the park I smiled looking around at the pretty colors in the sky and all the children laughing and smiling. I turned to look at Harry he had a look I couldn't point what it was he reached in his pocket and pulled a little box. I looked at him as he took the ring out of it and put the box back in his pocket he took my hand and slipped it on my hand. He looked up at me and said for now I can give a promise that one day I will put a big beautiful diamond ring in place of this one but for now I don't know where to begin. I just smiled at him and kissed him and in that moment I realized I really do love him.

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