A New Beginning

Can Jasmine and Harry give another shot at what they had or something goes wrong. Read to find out!!!


14. 14


I asked him to lay down with me I didn't want to fall asleep yet. We laid there enjoying each others company until he finally spoke up. He said you should let me pay for your surgery I gave him a confused look. He cleared his throat before he told me that he wanted me to see his face when he asks me a question. I put my hand on his cheek caressing his cheek. I smiled at him letting a tear roll down. I told him that I couldn't have seen him more perfectly his brown curls that always fall in his face, his beautiful green eyes. I felt more tears fall and just shook my head. He asked me why was I shaking my head I told him yes I can tell confusion was written on his face. I finally spoke up telling him as more tears fell I said I jut want to see you again all of you so yes I give you permission to pay or whatever you were going to do. I want to see you again and not have to imagine the way you look I didn't realize how much I cried until I felt him wipe tears away as they fell he shushed me and held me close to him as we started talking about different things until we fell asleep.

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