A New Beginning

Can Jasmine and Harry give another shot at what they had or something goes wrong. Read to find out!!!


13. 13


I woke up before Harry I didn't want to wake him up but I had to he had to go to rehearsals. I smiled as I gave him a soft his on his nose then his forehead I felt an arm around my waist and smiled then it faded once I realized the reason I had to wake him up. He sighed like he read my mind and got up. I followed him to living room as he was on the phone I heard him talking about someone. I listened a little more when I realized they were talking about me I heard him say something about me not being able to sit still and my stubbornness I laughed a little loud giving myself away. He walked around the corner and tackled me I laughed as he tickled me. He finally stopped tickling me and told me that he had to go to the go I pouted as he got up and went in the room to get dressed while I laid there tying to catch my breath. I heard him walk out when I felt clothes hit my head I looked at him confused and guessed that was my hint that I needed to get dressed but for what I'm not really sure.


I finished getting dressed and grabbed some of her clothes and threw them at her as she gave me confused look I smiled at her until she got the hint to get dressed. She walked out of the room with her walking stick wrapped around her wrist and her phone in the other I took her phone and put it in her pocket while I grabbed her hand walking out to the car going to the studio but I didn't tell her that. When we got there I sat her on the couch and gave her a kiss on the cheek telling her I be back she just nodded. I walked into the booth and they told us which song to sing as we got all the music set up. I watched her as she got up I smiled at her knowing she couldn't sit still she walked around feeling her way around the area I laughed at her as she almost ran into the wall. I looked back at the boys and smiled at them nodding my head letting them know I was ready to begin.

~2 hours later~


We were just putting equipment away when I realized she hasn't come back yet. I told the boys I was going to look for Jasmine. I walked out the booth and started looking for a very unstable girl I walked around the corner to be faced a sleepy Jasmine. I laughed at as her eyes shot open I helped her up and we walked back to the main room. I told the boys I was gonna take her home she looks tired. Once we got home I helped her she's so funny when she's sleepy. We walked in I was helping her to bed and was about to watch tv when she grabbed my hand asking me to lay down with her.

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