A New Beginning

Can Jasmine and Harry give another shot at what they had or something goes wrong. Read to find out!!!


11. 11


We are on our way to the phyciatrist first. I thought to myself why did you make me do this. I looked in his direction and smiled at him then turned back to m window. He asked me what I looked at him smiled and said nothing. He said okay I see how it is I laughed and said I just love you is that a crime. He chuckled I felt a kiss on my temple as he said I'm not complaining I smiled grabbed his hand resting my head against our hands, eventually dozing off listening to him sing.


I smiled at the sleeping girl next to me. I didn't want to wake her up she looked so peaceful but I had to so I nudged her a bit slipping my hand out from under her. I got out and walked to her side I picked her up and set her down. I seen her eyes flutter open as I linked our arms walking inside I can hear her groan as I laughed at her while we were walking up to the desk telling them we had an appointment she said oh yeah and to follow her down the hall showing us the room. She stopped me telling I cant go in with her an excuse you face and told her well my girlfriend here cant see so I kind of have to be here for her. She just rolled her eyes walking back to her desk while we waited for the phyciatrist to come. While we waited I saw Jasmine dozing off I just laughed at her until we heard the man com in apologizing for being late. I woke her up saying he's here she stretches and says about time I gave him an apologetic look h shook his head saying it's alright it's normal. He started her off raising her arm above her head he asked me to help her. I took her hand in mine and told her sorry she looked at me confused as I rose her arm up. She covered her mouth to keep from screaming. He told me to wrap her arm around her back I did as he told me to as I watched on of her red tears came down her face he told me tat was good and walked out the room. I turned back to her whipping away tears that fallen telling her that it was over I helped her put on her jacket on as w walked to the phyciatrist. He told us that she will probably be in full recovery in about 2 months. We walked out to the car now going to the hospital. We got there and waited in the lobby until the doctor said he would see her now. I can tell she was nervous she wasn't sure what they were going to do. I held her hand tight to let her know it's going to be okay and to relax but she doesn't. The doctor came in telling us that he had to take a few test to estimate when or if she gets her vision back. The first thing she did was try to fight him I told her to calm down she calmed a bit as the doctor gave her shots to numb her so she wouldn't feel anything. A few hours later the doctor walked in with a very wobbly Jasmine I grabbed her before she fell. They made her loony so they could get the test done without a fight as I was prepared to hear the news and I did not like what they told me.

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