A New Beginning

Can Jasmine and Harry give another shot at what they had or something goes wrong. Read to find out!!!


10. 10


I woke up in the same position I fell asleep. I woke up Harry by kissing his nose, cheeks, and forehead I heard him giggle and smile. I walked to the bedroom asking Harry if he could help me considering he can actually see what he is doing. While he did that I attempted to call Kylie but I ended up calling someone from Texas I tried again and the familiar voice came on followed by another asking who was that I assumed it was Louis she told him that it was me he replied with oh she asked me what was up I told her how Harry ad the doctor said I had to go to physical therapy we both laughed when Harry said I can hear you know I told her I had to go and that I'll see her later. Once I hung up I was tackled by strong arms and slobbery kisses I screamed he laughed and let go. I walked to the room and felt for clothes on the bed trying to determine whether it was pants or shirts I heard him walk up behind saying he can help me. Once I got was dressed I linked my arm with his letting him guide me to the car.


I heard my phone ring I picked it up it was Jasmine I was a bit shocked Louis asked me who was that I told him that it was Jazzy he said oh and started dozing off again I smiled and kissed his cheek and asked her what's up she told me that Harry was forcing her to go to physical therapy I laughed when I heard I can still here you know. She laughed and told me she had to go and hung up. I called Bella telling her my plan for Jazzy. She told me she'd meet me at their house later.


I was on my way to Jazzy's and Harry's I texted Haz asking him where the key was he texted back quickly saying it was under the mat. I grabbed it and let me and Liam in and started putting up small decorations everywhere. I smiled at Liam while he was putting the higher decorations that I can't reach he just laughed and kissed my forehead as I blushed. There was a knock on the door I let Kylie and Lou in and they started with food right away because her appointments end around 11:00 it was 10 so we had an hour to set up.

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