Age of Innocence

Let's say that Harry and Louis never became famous and never ended up in One Direction. Let's say they still fell for each other and let's say that love was born between them. What would it look like? What would the rest of the band do? Just an imagination by me and I hope you like it.


21. Yes.... :D



The first week, it was just Harry and me in the newspapers. Online talk, was wild about the gays and not about our music. When the news had subsided, it began. We came in on the top music list and we started to get fans. I was relieved that the other guys got space. 


To celebrate the gains, I got tattooed. I tattooed a key that fit together with a padlock. Harry got the padlock tattooed on him. It became a habit and pretty soon, the number of tattoos increased. Zayn was also caught up by the habit and after a while began Liam to get some tattoos.


"I love every inch of your body!" Harry said all the time to me. "Your tattoos make you only get sexier and I love them." 
I laughed and looked amused at him. 
"Soon maybe we two become like bandits? Those who sit inside the prison tattoos themselves." 
He kissed my stomach and shook his head. 
"We get them because we love each other. Not so that we should look like criminals." 
I looked down at him and watched him closely. 
"What would I do without you?" 
Harry kissed the area around my belly button and looked up at me. 
"I would still be miserable, but you'd be okay."
I laughed and shook my head. I pulled up Harry so that he lay on top of me. 
"No!" I said as I looked into his eyes. "It's I who'd lost the spark and continued to be a boring guy at school." 
Harry kissed me and I felt his hands caressed my skin. I had no shirt on me and it caused him to turn on. 
"You are wonderful!" he mumbled, and began fumbling with my zipper on my pants. 
"Not now!" I got out of me, but he didn't give up. Instead, he relocated himself down again and his face landed between my legs. He pulled down the zipper, undid the button and pulled down my pants so much that my member could be picked out. I groaned and looked how he let his lips caress my member from the bottom up. I groaned and closed my eyes. Harry knew what he would do and he could do it well. I let him decide and in the end I ended up in ecstasy. Harry used the whole mouth and I felt his head went up and down over my cock. I moved on the hip and pretty soon I couldn't even ask him to stop.

"So when should we get married?" I suddenly heard Harry ask. He let my member go total and he looked up at me. I was red in the face and I wanted him to continue. 
Harry laughed a little bit. 
"When you said that we would get engaged, I wanted to have sex. Now I ask you if you want to marry me?" 
I tried to get him to continue, but Harry sat up underneath my body. 
"Yes or no?" 
I groaned and realized he gave back for the time when I broke off our sex. 
"Yes!" I almost screamed out straight. "Go on, I want more."
Harry grinned and knew he had power over me. He looked down at my boner and then he looked into my eyes again. 
"I get to decide everything?" 
I groaned higher. 
"Decide what?" 
"How we gonna get married?" 
I nodded and looked at him. 
"Yes dear." I whimpered. "I want to marry you and you get to decide everything if you want." 
Harry was pleased and let his head slip down between my legs again. He was quick and let his lips enclose my hole member. I felt how he began to pick up from where he left me off and I was like crazy. I took my hands tightly over his head and forced him to pick up the pace. 
"I'm almost there!" 
Harry just smiled and I felt how he got my whole body shaking. Eventually I came. I felt he let me come in his mouth and he swallowed my cum.


Afterwards disappeared Harry into the bathroom and then he came out to me again. 
"Then we get married?" 
I nodded and pulled up my pants. I saw how happy he was and he almost laughed out of luck.





On the day we recorded our new album. (It's the first album that we would give out!) In the evening, I sat at the laptop and planned everything for the wedding. I chose the clothes, we would have flowers and I found gorgeous rings. This was something I always wanted to do and I understood why girls loved to get married. 


Louis came up to me and stood behind my back. He looked toward the computer and smiled big. 
"So have you found a priest?" 
I had, but was unsure if the priest stood up for a gay couple. 
"Yes, but I'm waiting for an answer!" I said honestly. "We need witnesses too!" 
Louis smiled at me and placed himself on a chair beside me. 
"Liam, Niall and Zayn?" 
A wonderful thought. I nodded and smiled directly at him. 
"You want us to go into the church next to each other, or should one of us go with our father to the altar?" 
Louis kissed me lightly. 
"We go in together and we go out as a married couple."
I smiled at him and I felt my whole body tingled. 
"We need to set a date." 
Louis looked at me for a long time and he seemed to consider a good date. 
"What about this summer?" he whispered tenderly. "We give out the album and go on tour, then we can get married when it's finished?" 
I lit up. 
Louis smiled and he kissed my neck. I pushed him right away from me and gave him a teasing glance. 
"I plan, sex, we have then!" 
Louis groaned and looked disappointed. 
"You plan this everyday?" 
I looked at the computer again. 
"Yes, there's much that must be done."


In the end, everything started to fall into place. We chose to get married at sea, in the afternoon when there were not many swimmers there. We would invite the family and we had a priest who said yes to do it for us. Afterwards we would eat meals at a hotel and the guests could sleep over there. Louis and I would take a car and go to a rented luxury cottage. Three days later we went on honeymoon to Hawaii and stayed there the rest of the summer. We would have pink roses theme and we would be completely dressed in white.


"Who will throw the bridal bouquet?" Louis asked teasingly. I gave him a dirty look, but then I shine up. 
"We both?"
He laughed. 
"Shall we dance wedding waltz?" 
I nodded and he seemed to like everything that I had planned.


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