Age of Innocence

Let's say that Harry and Louis never became famous and never ended up in One Direction. Let's say they still fell for each other and let's say that love was born between them. What would it look like? What would the rest of the band do? Just an imagination by me and I hope you like it.


13. We



It turned out that Liam had been in the X-factor. He had participated but was too young (or similar) to go further in the competition. Simon had said no. 
"So I gave up!" Liam said and smiled weakly at us. "I didn't dare to try it no more and now I work at a factory." 
I smiled at him and couldn't help but give him praise. 
"You have atleast tried? Rest of us haven't even gone there." 
Liam laughed a little bit. 
"I don't know if I'd asked you to do it. You become so disappointed when you get to go home and you feel like a loser." 
"But you have a voice?" exclaimed Harry directly and he looked at Liam. "You sounded great on stage and it was a long time since I heard anyone sing so flawlessly." 
Liam blushed. 
"Maybe, but it's not a profession that I dare to bet in. And you sounded at least as good as I did."
"We aren't made to compete." Zayn mumbled and he looked at us all. "We are the ones who had dreams, but for various reasons didn't even dare." 
I nodded and agreed with him. 
"But I'm pretty happy with my life today." I looked at Harry and aimed entirely it all on him. Thanks to my boyfriend was my life as it should be. "I can't complain." 
Liam looked at the two of us and laughed a little bit. 
"I see how in love you are. Speaking about that you were lucky to find a patner." 
I looked at him in surprise. Liam seemed almost embarrassed smile. 
"I held on for many years to try dating a girl, but she said no all the time., She felt that I was ugly and poor." 
I sighed and took my arm around Harry's shoulders. 
"Well, it's not every day that you manage to meet the right person?"


Harry refused to let go of my hand and as we approached their apartment, he looked straight into my eyes. I realized that he wouldn't let me go home and that I would go with him. 
"Your mine!" he whispered and smiled. "Tonight you're mine all night and I will not let you leave." 
My whole body tingled and I couldn't stop looking about him and us. As soon as we got inside the door seemed Zayn go into his room. Harry took my hand and pulled me towards his bedroom.




(Sex: if you don't wanna read it... jump over it)


I locked the door and I pulled Louis to the bed. I wanted to give him everything and I wanted him to understand that I didn't want anyone but him. I was eternally grateful and I wanted him to understand it. I put down Louis on the bed and stripped off all my clothes. He looked at me with big eyes and I just smiled. 
"Like what you see?" 
Louis nodded and let me start by pulling him off the shirt. I was quick and in the end he sat naked on my bed. I just loved Louis springy body and his whole appearance was perfect.


I lay on top of Louis and I kissed him passionately. I felt that I took him by storm and he groaned lightly against my lips. I couldn't bother any more, because I usually was a coward. I didn't want to be a coward anymore and just this evening I had proven that. I kissed him with all my heart and spread my legs around him. I could feel our cocks pressed together and it made ​​me forget everything else. There was only one person who was everything, and that was my boyfriend.


I knew what I was doing. I took out a condom and took it over Louis member. Then I took the lube over the whole thing and I saw that he was enjoying every second. I sat across his waist and slowly I sank down. He penetrate and showed with his entire face how it felt like. He grabbed my waist and he forced me to land hard against him. 
"Damn Hazz!" I heard Louis almost shouting. "You're so wonderful." 
I just smiled and slowly began to ride him. Louis groaned out loud and he held hard on my body. I bent forward and let our lips meet. He whimpered and he fought to answered the kiss. I knew he loved every move that I made and I increased the pace. I heard how my body bounced against him and I heard how he penetrated me over again and again. We ended up in ecstasy and I closed my eyes. I let my own hand start touching my own cock and I jerked off quickly. I felt Louis was almost double under me. He moaned, he moaned loudly and he tried to get me to pick up the pace even more. I smiled by the thought of what we did. It felt throughout the body, and I responded with all parts of myself. I loved sex, but with Louis, it was even better than the best. He was anything but a wimp and he proved it.


We spun around and Louis ended up over me. He raised my legs over his shoulders and he moved quickly to the body. I saw the sweat pouring from his forehead and whole Louis was red with excitement. I moved my hand faster over my member and I felt the whole situation made ​​me to come. I couldn't stop, and finally I just exploded. My hand combined with his cock was just too much. I screamed and I felt my semen come out all over my stomach. Louis didn't hesitate and continue and I felt how he filled me with his meat. I shook long before the orgasm was over. Then I looked up at him and I smiled weakly. Louis held his hands tight around my legs and he worked hard on his hip. He pushed hard against me and in the end he came to. I felt him shaking and I heard him that he loved it. He filled me with liquor and he was shaking like a vibrator.


After ward, he lay completely on top of me and we kissed each other. I held my arms tightly about his body and I never wanted to be without him. Louis laughed a little bit and ended the kiss. He looked straight into my eyes. 
"So you could say that we are crazy about each other?" 
I smiled. 
"No, we're not crazy, we're just hopelessly in love."

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