Age of Innocence

Let's say that Harry and Louis never became famous and never ended up in One Direction. Let's say they still fell for each other and let's say that love was born between them. What would it look like? What would the rest of the band do? Just an imagination by me and I hope you like it.


5. The kiss



It was so easy to get along with Louis. I stopped being nervous and instead I was just myself. We came in to the disco, but we didn't dance. It turned out that Louis was equally disposed to dance as I was. I laughed when we came to it. 
"It broke our chance to break through as artists." I laughed and looked at him with an amused look. "Talk about that Simon hadn't liked us in X-factor." 
Louis agreed, and he laughed easily to it all. 
"I saw on TV how they forced the contestants to dance and I promise you that I hadn't succeeded." 
I agreed and couldn't stop to like him. Louis was like me, though he liked some other things too. He was easy to talk to and he was so attentive. I liked his sense of humour and I loved that he didn't complicated things.
"So what more than football do you love? And the music?" I got out of me. Louis leaned over the table and drank some of the beer bottle.
"Yes, I like to have fun., I'm not a pedant and I'm messy. Where I live, it's always chaos."
I didn't care. He could be how messy he wanted. Nothing that Louis said could change my feelings and I just wanted to know him more.
"So you're messy?"
He laughed and nodded. He looked at me and I liked the look he gave me.
"I'm probably the messiest person you will ever meet."
I liked it anyway. Louis seemed to see right through me. It was as he looked into my soul and I couldn't run away. 
"And you? What do you do when you are home?" 
I laughed. 
"Nothing, but I love to go naked around my home. I live with a friend and he don't allow me to be without clothes." 
I saw at Louis that he liked what I said. He lit up and he quickly looked down at my body and then up towards my eyes. 
"You get to be naked in my apartment?" 
I blushed immediately and didn't know what to say. Louis seemed amused by the subject, and he looked straight into my eyes. There was something between us and I just loved the feeling that popped up. We had something going on and he wouldn't let me go or run away.


"One thing you must know about me." he whispered suddenly, and he looked at me seriously. "I'm jealous and I don't like to have a partner who's cheating." 
I swallowed and wondered why he told me that? 
Louis smiled uncertainly. He wanted probably just be honest. 
"When I'm with a guy, he can't flirt with others. It can make me go crazy." 
I smiled slightly and leaned over to him. 
"And I'm not the one who's cheating." 
Directly he met my gaze and I saw that he smiled with his whole body. 
"If we ... I mean if there's something going on, you aren't leaving me?" 
I shook directly on the head. 
"As long as I feel loved, I struggle."





Sandy and the girls came to the table. They began talking in their mouth at each other and they flirted with everything. I sat closer to Harry and I felt how our arms met. It was as if my whole body was burning up, just by knowing that he was near me. Yet I didn't want to die yet in the fire, and I looked down at his leg. I saw that he let the leg lean on me and I saw that it was meant that way. Direct I felt the emotions overflowed and I met his gaze. He looked straight into my eyes and this time he didn't have to say anything. He was mine!


"So how's it going?" 
Sandy stood near me and I ordered drinks at the bar to Harry and me. I smiled at her and gave the thumbs up. 
"He's wonderful." 
She giggled and looked quickly toward the table where Harry was waiting for me. 
"He follows you with his eyes." 
I knew it already, and that she needed not to talk about.
"He's mine!" 
She laughed again and took her arm around my shoulders. 
"So how does it feel, I mean are you in love?" 
I nodded and blushed. I felt that my whole body turned red and I looked at her. 
"He's perfect!"


When I came back to the table, I sat close to Harry again. There were no one there, but I wanted to sit as close to him as I could. Right as it was, I felt his arm slip around my waist and he had his arm around me. 
"You're hot!" he whispered suddenly and I just stared at him. He meant that as a joke. 
Harry laughed a little bit and let his lips almost caress my cheek. They landed beside my ear and I could feel him breathing on my skin. 
"You're hot and one day I intend to seduce you." 
I blush. I felt my whole body rebelled and the only thing that was in my head was Harry. I couldn't get out a single word, and his lips caressed my cheek consciously. I felt how he tasted me and how his tongue played with my cheek. Eventually slid his lips against mine, and when they met I answered the kiss. It was as if we stuck together and I didn't want to finish it.


After a while, I felt Harry's tongue slowly began to slide in between my lips. It was as if it was a game between our tongues and I didn't get enough. I took my arms around his neck and felt that he made ​​me to totally lose everything. I wanted nothing more than to have him there. My heart belonged to Harry and he had to do what he wanted with me. He was wonderful and he was just too perfect.

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