Age of Innocence

Let's say that Harry and Louis never became famous and never ended up in One Direction. Let's say they still fell for each other and let's say that love was born between them. What would it look like? What would the rest of the band do? Just an imagination by me and I hope you like it.


18. Simon...



I don't know what happened, but on You Tube, people started to like our music and we started to get those who followed us. It felt as if life was changed and actually got a bit of a diva in my body. Now we all knew that we was good enough and we knew that there were those who liked the music.


Liam went and met him, at the music company. He was there nearly half a day before he came home back to my home. The rest of us sat tight and waited for him. Liam might not looked happy, but he wasn't sad or angry. 
"We can get kontrokt." he said and sat down. "We might not get to do all our own songs and they want to change a little bit on certain things. It's just small details. Then he asked what we our style was." 
We fell silent. 
"Style?" Niall got out and looked bewildered. Liam nodded and smiled a little bit. 
"They wondered if we had special style or how we looked., I said that we haven't come that far yet and then they started to talk about that we have to be sure to find a common style in the group."
Niall looked around at us. 
"I think Louis dresses best of us. Shall we have his style?" 
I laughed, but then shook my head. 
"I think we should be ourselves and not directly put weight on clothing. Nonetheless, it's the music that's important?" 
Harry agreed and sat down in my lap. He took his arms around my neck and smiled at me. 
"Agree with you darling." 
Liam cleared his throat lightly. 
"And then there was another thing that they may not like." 
All looked at Liam and he looked down at the floor. 
"Those who will rule over us doesn't like gays. They talked about hiring girls to Louis and Harry seemed normal."
Direct I reacted at all levels. I almost threw away Harry from my knee and got up quickly. 
"You can't tell me to do that. Shall we do this together, we should be the persons that we are." 
Liam still avoided my gaze. 
"I told them that! I said that we have no control over who we are and that you shouldn't approve of such things." 
Harry agreed with me. 
"Louis and I will not hide the fact that we love each other." 
Zayn had sat perfectly quiet, and he nodded. It was as if he woke up and he agreed with us. 
"I believe that we don't let them decide such things. Louis and Harry have finally found each other and I don't wanna see anyone fuck it up."





I followed Liam to the management. He wanted to have one of me and Louis with him, but Louis had just pitched in and said a lot of stupid things. I chose to keep calm and we ended up in a room with a dozen people. I wondered if they were lawyers, as they looked as such people.


"You understand that fans don't want gays!" said one of them. "Are you supposed to be known today you can't go out in public with a preference like that, not if you belong to a boy band." 
I looked at him coldly. 
"Don't you want to make money on us? Gays also buys music!" 
A woman stood by my side and she looked at me for a while. 
"But you would attract more girls that guys., You look like one that everyone wants and why not make money at it?" 
I shook my head. 
"Louis and I are a couple. Won't you approve it, you need not to bother about One Direction and our music. There are other companies that would love to help us."


I was flabbergasted when Simon Cowell came into the room. It was as if all was just fell silent and everyone stared at him. He looked at me and Liam with one of those stern look. He went around the table and sat down on a chair. He just stared at us and it was like he wanted to form an opinion about who we were. 
"So you're One Direction?" 
Liam smiled and nodded. 
"We are five guys who love to play music, so we are five people." 
Simon looked at Liam and smiled weakly. 
"I understood that you were more than the two of you." 
I felt my whole body was shaking and I wanted to faint. Nevertheless, I remained and couldn't let him go with my eyes. Simon took out some paper and laid on the table. Then he raised his hand against those who were in the room. Without a word, they left us alone and I was impressed by the aplomb Simon had.


"Okay!" he said when we were alone. "I agree with you, we draw a stretch of what the other believes or telling you and go for the music." 
I felt relieved. 
"Yes, we have done our own songs." 
Simon looked up at me. 
"I've listened to them and that's why you're here." 
I blushed and realized how silly I must seem. Simon took out a paper and put in front of us.
"You can choose to sign a contract for four years or eight years. Typically, are a three or four-year contract. This means that you will give out a musical album every year, and that you should have at least one tour a year." 
I listened barely at Simon. I saw a lot of fine words on paper and I couldn't understand that he really wanted us. He talked about records, music, clothes and other things. It felt like a dream. I just longed until I got home and could tell everything to Louis.


Louis laughed when I threw myself into his arms. 
"So we can be us?" 
I nodded and kissed him quickly. 
"Simon said it doesn't matter. Are we together, we get to be together." 
Louis kissed me and he quickly pushed me up against the wall. I took my legs around his waist and answered the kiss. We couldn't bother that the other was standing in the hallway and it tingled all over. There was only one person who I cared about and it was Louis. The others avoided looking at us, but eventually they gave up and went back to the couch in the living room. Louis ended the kiss and grinned lightly against me. 
"You are totally insane?" 
I nodded with satisfaction and looked into his eyes. 
"I'm crazy and a pretty goofy guy." 
"That I love!" 
"I know!"

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