Age of Innocence

Let's say that Harry and Louis never became famous and never ended up in One Direction. Let's say they still fell for each other and let's say that love was born between them. What would it look like? What would the rest of the band do? Just an imagination by me and I hope you like it.


17. Simon Cowell

Note that I dream up what the guys singing. I guess they hadn't received the songs as they had from the beginning if they hadn't been in a competition. As Simon not are with them, so he can't affect anything. Let my imagination soar just a little and go with it.




At the beginning of the summer, we took a week off from our jobs. During the week started One Direction to really be formed and we managed to find our own sound. Someone came up with the idea that we would record cover versions, but at the same time, everyone wanted their own songs. In the end we just sat and tried to create something based on nothing. In the end, Liam, with a little help from Zayn and I have created a new song. 
"Last First Kiss!"


Shortly after the summer we started to record the song and everyone was involved in the design. I can safely say that everyone was happy when we finally listened to the finished product.


Liam began to sing softly and Harry came into the song. The chorus sang all and I must admit I felt butterflies in my stomach. After the first chorus sang Niall and he had a soft Irish voice. Right after him, sang Zayn and I have to admit that he had a good voice. One can safely say that everyone got a piece of the song. I was completely in the editing and got the votes to fit.


We put out the song on you tube and we had created our own channel. We called ourselves One Direction and we didn't mix in old others songs. It was as if we laid out a golden crown on the web and we wanted someone to like it. After a week, not much happened, but after a month we had over half a milion listeners. We continued to put out songs and we did some little tasteless videos for them. Somewhere we all started to like the idea that we were a group and it ended up with that we hung out together all the time.





"Mom, I have a boyfriend!" 
I heard that she didn't sound surprised and I pressed the phone to my ear. 
"He makes me happy." 
She wasn't disappointed and I heard she sounded happy. 
"But darling, why haven't you spoken about it before?" 
I swallowed 
"I was afraid you wanted me to fall in love with a girl and have children. Louis is like a girl but he's a guy and he's perfect."


Louis' mom wasn't angry and we chose to fully proceed with the relationship. I was surprised when all the bakery cheered and Louis was happy when everyone in the school stood behind him. We felt that our future was ours and no one could stop us.


One day a serious Liam come home to Louis. I lived with my boyfriend more than at home in my apartment and no one had anything against it. 
"I have got a call." Liam mumbled and looked at us. "From the ones that give out plates and helping new bands to hit through." 
I knew how everything stopped and time stood still. 
"You mean we might be able to get the contract?" 
Liam nodded and smiled at us. 
"I haven't talked to Simon, but it's in his company. You know, he's in the TV?" 
We knew who Simon was. There was only one Simon Cowell and his company was interested in the fact to helping us. 
"And now?" I heard Louis issue. Liam sat down and smiled big. 
"I don't know yet, what do they want?" 
All of me was shaking. 
"Then maybe we become famous?"


Two weeks later phoned Simon Liam and asked for a meeting. I had never in my life been so nervous and Liam chose to go there on his own. The rest of us stayed in Louis home and we waited excited that Liam would call, or getting to come back there. Finally Louis got a message to his phone. 
"Get in the car and came., We have a contract!

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