Age of Innocence

Let's say that Harry and Louis never became famous and never ended up in One Direction. Let's say they still fell for each other and let's say that love was born between them. What would it look like? What would the rest of the band do? Just an imagination by me and I hope you like it.


4. On our way....



Sandy had invited over a few girlfriends and I saw how they giggled when I showed up. I gulped and looked around the room after Louis, but he hadn't arrived yet. Had I been scammed? I gulped and looked at Sandy. She seemed to read my mind and stood so that none of the others heard us. 
"He's coming!" 
I puffed out and smiled with satisfaction at her. Then, I went into the room. I placed myself on the couch and heard how the girls talked. They seemed curious about who I was, but their conversation was about things I had no clue about. It was as if I had come into a room and just landed there. My first thought was to go back home. Zayn might had right this time and I should have stayed at home? Still, my heart jumped when the doorbell rang. I sat so that I saw the front door and when Louis came into the hall, it tingled all over. I saw how he gave her a bottle of wine and hugged her lightly. He looked so urbane out and he knew how to be. I was impressed, without even talking to him. Sandy whispered something in his ear and then came Louis in to the room. The girls greeted him but  he then looked straight at me. I didn't know what I would do and I blushed. He just smiled and came over to the sofa. He sat down beside me and looked at me with an amused look. 
"How nice of you to come!" 
I just wanted to throw myself at him, but I had no idea why he attracted me. I smiled and I looked certainly like a wimp. 
"It sounded like fun!" I said. Louis smiled big and was disturbed by the girls. They knew him and got him to answer some questions and participate in the conversation. I watched him closely and couldn't get enough of his profile. Louis was an entertaining and he always knew what to say.


Right as it was, he turned the body against me and looked at me. I just wanted to avoid his eyes, but I couldn't stop looking at him. 
"So where are you living?" he asked. I swallowed and tried not to show how nervous I felt. My body was in turmoil and I couldn't think of a good answer. It sounds silly, but I couldn't even think straight. 
"In an apartment." 
Louis laughed and leaned slightly toward me. 
"So, where's the apartment?" 
 replied in the end and said the street address. It was as if Louis memorized it and he seemed to have many questions remain. I also wanted to ask him questions, but I was a coward. 
It was a nervous moment. I had no idea what I said and I can hardly remember what we talked about. The only thing I saw was Louis's eyes, his gorgeous face and his smile. He looked so perfect and he seemed so knowing. He talked about football and drama. I assumed he was a drama teacher, but I didn't dare ask. Instead, I hung in the conversation and tried to act just as common as he was. None of us noticed that the girls moved to the kitchen. They would make different drinks and their party was in full swing. Louis and I sat there and it felt so wonderful in my entire body.


"I play football." Louis said suddenly. "So Sunday, I have a game and I was wondering if you want to come and watch?" 
I lit up and nodded instantly. Of course I wanted to see him play football. 
"Yes, it's really fun to watch." I said, though I had no clue about sports. It wasn't my forte and I had no idea how to even play football. 
"Good!" he got out himself and smiled big at me. Our eyes stuck together and I could feel my body shaking even more. I couldn't let him go and I didn't want him to go.





I couldn't get enough of Harry. His eyes were so green and he was so lovely. I saw that he was nervous and it attracted me. He spoke gently and wasn't at all as I was. Instead, he seemed to listen more to what I said and he looked dreamily at me. It was as if he was thinking about something else, but still remained. He attracted me and I must admit that I wanted to kiss him. His lips were so perfect and his body was so athletic. I looked at him that he trained and that he was accustomed to moving on the body. The entire Harry was just perfect and he had those eyes that just attracted me.


When we would go to the disco, I chose to consciously go with him. The girls talked on and went ahead, but we went calmly and talked about little things. 
"I love to sing!" suddenly said Harry, and he caught my interest. 
"Me too." I said honestly and looked at him. "I was thinking to be in X-factor few years ago, but it didn't happen." 
Harry blushed. 
"Me too, but I didn't dare., It feels wrong to compete in music, but at the same time not." 
I nodded in agreement. 
"You can hear, some day, on some stuff that I I have recorded?" 
He looked at me in surprise. 
"Have you been playing music?" 
I nodded a little bit. 
"At school, you can borrow a music studio and I put out some on You Tube. There's nothing that's particularly unique, but I love to sing. It's fun that others listen sometimes."
Harry looked at me for long and I noticed that he liked that I sang. 
"I can look you up on You Tube?" he asked, and I could do nothing but nod on him. 
"But promise not to laugh." 
He nodded and I saw a light in his green eyes. It was as if we found a common cause and we had something in common. I felt it throughout the body that he was interested in me and it made ​​me take my arm around his shoulders. 
"You must listen." I said and I felt how he enjoyed my presence. Right as it was, he stopped and made me to do the same. He looked straight into my eyes and I saw at him that he would say something serious. I was initially scared, but then happy. 
"Lou, I'm bisexual, but prefers men." he said and I just wanted to hug him.

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