Age of Innocence

Let's say that Harry and Louis never became famous and never ended up in One Direction. Let's say they still fell for each other and let's say that love was born between them. What would it look like? What would the rest of the band do? Just an imagination by me and I hope you like it.


7. My boyfriend



In the morning, I sat in bed with my laptop. I went through You Tube and found Louis account. Direct I went through what he had put out there, and I was surprised. He sang really well and I couldn't stop listening to the music. It was as if he was singing to me, although some songs contained "she" and "her." I didn't care, because I knew that Louis was interested in me, a he!


"Has he called yet?" 
Zayn put his head inside the door and looked at me. I smiled at him and shook my head. 
"He doesn't need to call right away and maybe he's doing something else today?" 
Zayn sighed and I knew what he would say. I knew what he was thinking and that's why I interrupted him before he could say anything. 

"Yes, he will disappoint me." 
Direct stopped Zayn up and just stared at me. It was as if he knew I didn't want to hear those words. He hesitated, but then chose to smile. 
"He's going to call, Haz!"


I was completely in the music when my cell phone vibratory. I was startled and took it up. 
Direct I knew it was Louis. I laughed a little bit and answered. 
"Yes, and you?" 
It took a minute before he sent a reply. 
"Barely awake. Shall we meet?" 
"Yes!" I wrote directly in response. "It would be fun!"





There weren't many people in the park and I guessed it was due to the bad weather. Still, I was in a good mood and I saw Harry long before he saw me. I almost slipped up to him and when he finally saw me his face lit up. I went up to him and without a word I hugged his gorgeous body. It was as if I came home and I knew he was the right person to be with me. I saw at him that we fit together and it felt throughout the body.
"You came!" he said as if he hadn't been expecting it. I laughed uncertainly and let go off his body. I chose to stand near him and I wanted to see him. His gorgeous face was almost more beautiful in the sunlight and his eyes glow green to me. 
"Did you think I wasn't doing what I promised?" 
Harry smiled and I saw that he blushed. He looked down at the ground and probably he felt lost. I don't know why but my hand started to fiddle with his hand and finally we join hands. He raised his eyes and smiled at me again. 
"What do you wanna do today, then?" 
I could do nothing but just feel how much I wanted to be with him. I gave him a light kiss on the lips and held his hand tighter in mine. 
"Are you hungry?" 
Harry looked into my eyes and nodded weakly. I drew him with me and we slowly began to walk through the park. Harry didn't say much, but he looked at me and it made me just be more happy. 
"I hardly slept last night." I said quickly. "I lay there thinking about you." 
Harry blushed and looked down at the ground. I realized that he wasn't used to hearing compliments and he was easy to be embarrassed. He looked at our hands, and he seemed almost as he didn't get the words out. 
"I thought of you too." he whispered, then looked at me. "This morning, I started listening to your music. I went on You Tube." 
Okay? I looked at him that he had resented my voice, but I was curious what he thought. 
Harry smiled and seemed to choose words carefully. 
"You sound great and you can really sing."
I swallowed and wished that I could find out more. 
"I know that I'm not a professional singer." I said but he shook directly on the head. 
"No, I mean it! You can really sing and I like your bright voice. I'm more dark and sounds more bad than you." 
I was fast. 
"Sing for me!"
Direct Harry's face became serious and he shook his head. He looked around and seemed to notice all the people that were in the park. 
"I promise to sing to you when we are alone." 
I liked that idea. 
"Okay, then we say so!" I said quickly. "When you come home to me, please sing for me then." 
Harry blushed again and he nodded uncertainly. 
"But promise not to laugh."
I smiled and nodded 
"I promise!"


I had in my entire life, or at least in recent times, dreamed of finding a boyfriend. I hadn't in my wildest dreams imagined that I would meet such a perfect guy. Harry was absolutely lovely and when we stopped at a restaurant, I couldn't help but be proud. He wanted to be with me and nobody else. I saw some girls looked at him, but he just looked at me and he showed that he was mine. I had no reason to become jealous and I knew he would stay.


"You know something?" Harry whispered when we were heading back to my apartment. "You're perfect!" 
My whole body tingled and I could do nothing but be happy. 
"You too!" I replied silly. Harry smiled big and this time he didn't blushed. 
"We fit together!"

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