Age of Innocence

Let's say that Harry and Louis never became famous and never ended up in One Direction. Let's say they still fell for each other and let's say that love was born between them. What would it look like? What would the rest of the band do? Just an imagination by me and I hope you like it.


16. Make more love....

popcrazed wanted more sex... So here it comes... :D




Harry and I shared a room in the cottage. The first night we just slept and was totally tired. In contrast, the second evening was Harry more spirited. As soon as we entered the room, I knew what he wanted. He kissed me and he caressed my body. I resisted until the very end, but I had to let him get what he wanted.


Harry pushed me down on the bed and he kissed me intensely. I heard the others was talking in the room below us, but Harry didn't care. He pulled up my shirt and I felt his lips against my skin. He kissed my nipples and he sucked on my skin. I moaned of his presence. I quickly felt a hand slide down to my underwear and he pulled them off quickly. I was totally in his every move, but I missed that even Harry stripped naked. He lay down on top of me and I felt how he pressed our hot bodies against each other. I felt our boner stood straight out and I felt that he made me groan out loud. I whimpered by his hands and there was almost too much. I didn't understand what he had planned until he took out a condom and lube. He made his cock ready and he looked at me with a horny gaze. I wanted to say no, but when his fingers began to massage my hole, I gave up totally. I spread my legs and I moaned. I closed my eyes and felt the way he made ​​me scream for more. Harry let a finger penetrate and directly I shouted right out of pleasure. 
"Not so loud!" I heard him whisper, but I couldn't hold back anything. Harry got all me ready and when I felt his cock against my hole, I lifted the legs so that he could easily penetrate. I felt how he slowly filled my rear hole and when he had penetrated all the way, he reached the top of everything. I moaned and I took my arms tightly around his body. I felt Harry kissed me and I answered the kiss intensely. Our tongues were like mad and he started moving his hip. I could do nothing but accept him, and pretty soon, he increased the pace. He bounced hard against my body and I turned up my bum in the air. Harry seemed to like it and he groaned as much as me.


I felt Harry let his hand slide down between my legs. He started moving it over my cock and it was enough. My whole body was shaking and I didn't know how I would be. It was like a volcano awoke in my whole body and I shook all the time. Harry smiled at me, he kissed me and he let his hand affect my member. I was double under him and I let my hands touch his bare skin. He filled every inch of me and he got me to reach heights. Eventually it just became too much. I yanked his hand away from my cock and did the job myself. It was as it though my body exploded and I felt the orgasm take over everything that was Louis. I bit my lip to keep from crying, and I felt how I squirted cum all over our bodies. It was as if I smeared us total and Harry didn't mind.


Once I had calmed down my body, turned Harry around my body. He put me completely on my stomach and he parted my buttocks. I felt how he filled the vacuum and how he began to bring his hips up and down. He whimpered and he kept his arms around me tightly. He panted against my ear and he filled me with love. In the end, even Harry exploded. He grabbed my hair with his hands and then he filled me. I felt him shaking and how he smarted out the orgasm through his cock. It got wet and I felt that he really had a lot to give.


After ward he landed on my back. I felt his face against my cheek, and how he was breathing rapidly. It was as if he had given everything and was totally out of energy. 
"I love you!" I whispered directly. Harry was startled and I felt that he woke up. I felt his lips caress my cheek and I knew he was smiling. 
"Lou, you're my everything!" he whispered and took his arms around my waist. "I love you more than I love any other person."





In the morning, I saw the looks that were directed at me (and Louis). Everyone had heard what we had been doing and I blushed. It was as if no one dared mention it but everyone thought about it. Finally Niall couldn't stay quiet anymore. 
"Did you see a movie in your room? Like a porno or something?" 
I saw at him that it was meant as a joke. I smiled and shook my head. He grinned and immediately came up to me. 
"We heard you all the way out in the yard." 
I blushed and didn't know what to say. Louis came downstairs into the kitchen and immediately he knew what everyone was thinking. He was just as embarrassed as me, but instead of being silent, he smiled big. 
"Had Harry been a girl, you hadn't said anything. Treating us like a normal couple."
Liam grinned a little bit and nodded at him. 
"Had Harry been a girl, I had still been curious to what you did., You screamed!" 
Louis nodded and played as if it didn't affect him. 
I swallowed and sat down on a chair. 
"We don't talk about it?" 
Niall didn't give up. He giggled and I saw how curious he was on us. 
"But you yelled and we heard how the bed was pounding." 
Direct looked Louis at him gravely. 
"And you don't have sound, coming out of your mouth, when you have sex?" 
Direct silent Niall. He was red in the face and looked away. 
"We change the subject!"

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