Age of Innocence

Let's say that Harry and Louis never became famous and never ended up in One Direction. Let's say they still fell for each other and let's say that love was born between them. What would it look like? What would the rest of the band do? Just an imagination by me and I hope you like it.


12. karaoke



On Friday, Harry had got over ten thousand fans on You Tube. The song got constantly more comments and everyone loved him. Therefore, I chose to take out Zayn and Harry to a nearby pub. We should celebrate the fact that my boyfriend had become a small star, but a big star to me.


"I know!" Zayn said as soon as we got outside the door. "There's a karaoke bar nearby. Couldn't we go there and sing a little?" 
I looked at Harry and he nodded directly. 
"I dare to sing in front of everybody now!" he said and I couldn't resist his green eyes. 
"Okay!" I got out of me. "But then all should sing?" 
Zayn nodded direct and almost catch up with us. He hurried next to my side and looked pretty happy.
"I will also try to sing!" 
I gave him a long well-meaning glance. 
"When I finally get to hear how you sounds like!" 
He laughed and nodded, amused at us. 
"But you mustn't laugh!" 
Harry looked at him and then at me. 
"He sings good, so we will not laugh."


There were many people inside the small pub. There was a small bandstand and there was the apparatus that made ​​it possible to sing karaoke. We sat down at a table and ordered in drinks. Both Harry and I first wanted to be there for a while, before we took the plunge and sang in front of everybody. Zayn wasn't sure anymore, but he tried to look as if he didn't care. There were all kinds of people in the room and right as it was, he went up on stage who took care of everything. 
"Is there a Liam Payne here?" 
One guy got up and came on stage. He was the first who would sing and I noted that he didn't look nervous. He stood with the microphone in his hand and didn't seem at all worried. I took Harry's hand in mine and smiled at him. 
"We don't laugh at a single person who dares to sing?" 
Harry nodded and leaned slightly toward me. I let my eyes drift back to Liam and I waited for the melody would begin


Okay! Liam had a really good voice and I was surprised how good he was at singing. He stood there as a finished artist, and it got me to thinking about Harry. We two had no stage experience and it was hard to look unconcerned when you sang. Liam sang the chorus. I just was choked about his voice and finally I could do nothing but just love his voice.


"After him I dare not to sing!" exclaimed Zayn and looked anxiously at me. "That guy can sing, and I haven't at all that voice!" 
Harry smiled to him and got him to calm down. 
"We are here to have fun, celebrate the fact that my song gets likes., We will not meet a single person in here again." 
Zayn sighed 
"Well, I will meet with you two again?" 
I gave him a quick glance and then looked at Harry. 
"I'm also not sure if I dare to go up." 
Harry seemed almost annoyed at us. He stood right up and walked towards the stage. I saw how he chose a song and then he took the microphone in his hand. He began to sing, and his voice sounded confident. He sounded just as good as Liam and he got everyone in the audience just to like him.





I had no idea that I was so brave. I stood and sang, facing a lot of eyes and I wasn't a bit nervous. It felt like a natural thing and I saw at Louis that I succeeded. When the song was over, everyone cheered as loud as when Liam had sung. I smiled big and put down the microphone. I went back to our table and sat down. Louis just laughed and kissed me tenderly. 
"You're a star!" 
I blushed and responded to the kiss. I didn't even noticed that Zayn ventured off to the stage. We didn't notice that he chose the song, not until he began to sing. Louis released me and just stared at my friend. 
"He can sing?" 
I nodded and laughed a little bit. 
"I told you he has a good voice."


A while later chose Louis to do the same. I loved his voice, and it sounded a bit more boyish toward my voice. All cheered and I felt proud. Louis blushed when he came back to us, but I instead tried to make him understand. He could sing!


Right as it was Liam came up to our table. He sat down on a chair and gave us all a knowing look. 
"I just have to give you all three praise. You can really sing." 
I felt my whole body screamed and cheered. For the first time in my life I was praised for my own talent. I was so happy that I could die. I heard the others talking with Liam. Self I just sat and enjoyed the moment. It was as if I had become something more than just Harry. I was a person that people gave praise to and everything was thanks to Louis. 


You could say that my dream went through. I met a prince who saved me and he got me to blossom. I was no longer a boring guy in gray clothes. I was a Harry with the characteristics that other people liked. I was no longer afraid.

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