Age of Innocence

Let's say that Harry and Louis never became famous and never ended up in One Direction. Let's say they still fell for each other and let's say that love was born between them. What would it look like? What would the rest of the band do? Just an imagination by me and I hope you like it.


1. Introduction



I'm Harry Styles and is twenty years old. I work at a bakery and have done so for some years. It's as if I'm stuck in the old stuff and can not get out. My main interest is music and singing, but I have put it on the side. I'm waiting for the right time to possibly be known, but I know I have no chance. I'm openly bisexual, but have to admit that guys attract me more than girls. I just haven't found him who getting my world to be turned upside down. I long for just the big love and it feels as if he can save me. At least in my imagination! He'll take me by storm and he will take me away from the dull everyday life. The question is just who he is?


Well my life aren't maybe not funny and I have no success. The only thing I do is to try to live and maybe one day I'll be happy?





I'm Louis Tomlinson, a rather frisky guy who doesn't directly fit in. I'm a teacher for children in drama and I have a busy life. I love playing football and I'm pretty good at it. For me, life is a funny game. I love to entertain people and I like being in the center. I'm more a clown than a regular guy, and offer myself so that others may laugh. I love music and I love to sing. My favorite place is You Tube online, where I lay out my songs so people can like them. I have many followers, but haven't become a star. Maybe I'm not good enough? I was close in searching for a competition in the television, but I backed off. I doubt that Simon really send me further?


Okay, I not mentioned that I'm gay? Okay girls are good looking and I like to talk to them, but it's a guy I want. A handsome guy with darker hair. He can be younger than me, but it's not required. He will atleast get me to enjoy his presence and he'll make me feel good. The rest I haven't figured out yet. He may look like he wants, but he will be just mine.




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