Age of Innocence

Let's say that Harry and Louis never became famous and never ended up in One Direction. Let's say they still fell for each other and let's say that love was born between them. What would it look like? What would the rest of the band do? Just an imagination by me and I hope you like it.


3. Before the evening....



I didn't want to seem desperate and I didn't want Louis to think he already had me. Therefore, it went until Wednesday before I gave them a call, to his friend Sandy. I sat on the couch and leaned back. I hit the number on my mobile and actually, I was shaking all over. 
"Yes, hello?" I heard a weary girl voice say. 
"Hi!" I got out of me and was trying to sound cool. "It's Harry, you know he from the bakery?" 
Directly she seemed to wake up and she sounded much more energetic. 
"Hey, I remember you." 
I smiled and tried to sound like a regular guy, who rang a common friend. 
"So will you go out this weekend? I still feel to go with you." 
She seemed to laugh, but I wasn't sure. 
"Of course you are going with us." She said directly. "Louis was happy when you wanted to hang out with us and he's a nice guy."
I understood that she wanted me to get interested in Louis and she saw me as a future boyfriend to him. Still, it felt wrong. Maybe that Louis would think I came with them just because she wanted? Yet I didn't interrupted her and I said not no. 
"Fun ..." I was silly of me. "So should I go to the address on your business card?" 
She answered right away and I heard at she really was desperate to get me there. 
"Yes, you can come here. Usually we always end up in my apartment. So how about on Friday at five o'clock?" 
I nodded and I smiled. 
"Then I come to you?" 
She laughed, and this time I heard a jingling sound. 
"Will be perfect Harry."


I was in heaven and I felt my whole body tingled. Zayn came out of the room and I saw how his clothes were filled with colours. 
"So you'll go?" he asked and I nodded immediately. 
"Yes, and they aren't dangerous." 
He sighed and looked at the clock. 
"I'll hang up with you there, if you want?" 
I shook my head, because I knew how Zayn was. He didn't like to dance and he was a Muslim. That meant he nor drank beer or had fun in my way. He sat usually down at a table and was shy. 
"You can stay home." I said nicely and he nodded with satisfaction. 
"But have your mobile with you, so I can call you and so you can call me, if something happens?"
I nodded and I felt like a child. Zayn was the one who was most afraid of us and he always made sure that I took care of myself. He was like a mother, though he was a guy.


Actually, I chose to go to a store and I bought some new clothes. I wanted to make a good impression on Louis and I wanted him to see me looking good. I loved worn pants that had holes in the knees, but I sensed that he didn't have the same style I had. I took the opportunity to go to a hairdresser and I cut the tips of my hair. Everything so that I would be perfect.





Sandy just laughed at me. She was standing in my bedroom and saw how the clothes were in a mess. I was looking for stylish clothes, as I would have on my body on Friday. 
"Will you buy new clothes instead?" she said amused. I sighed and shook my head. I was looking through my shirts and realized that maybe she was right. 
"What do you think he likes?" 
She looked at me closely and raised her eyebrows. 
"I don't think he's going to notice your clothes. You look good as you are and he doesn't seem to be a snob." 
I sighed and chose a pair of black pants. 
"But perhaps he's picky about who he chooses as a boyfriend?" 
She nodded. 
"Maybe he's like you Lou? Maybe he's picky and will not take just anyone. Have you thought about that?"
I gave her a dirty look and found a nice sweater. I laid it on the bed and looked up a pair of nice shoes. 
"And the socks?" she received from her. I sighed and looked again cold on her. 
"I hate socks!" 
She laughed again. 
"And Harry will hate your sweat! He will smell it if you don't have socks." 
I sighed and shook my head. 
"A little pride I still have left."


When Friday came, I was quick to go home. I showered, shaved, made sure my hair was perfect. It was as if I put all the weight on my external and it felt exciting. I had no idea who Harry was, but I felt that this was just the beginning of something new. Maybe we wouldn't become a couple, and maybe just friends? I wanted more, but I was happy if we just became friends.


On the way to Sandy's apartment, I bought with me a bottle of wine. It looked good that I had with me something and I wished that Harry would see how worldly I was. I had scarcely been outside England's borders, anyway, I wanted to travel around the world. I wanted to see Italy and Paris. I wanted to go to China and perhaps even U.S.! I wanted so much with my life, yet I was stuck in London. I had left home and ended up where everything didn't changes. Harry might not be able to change my life, but it would be fun to share life with someone.


I came to Sandy's apartment and saw a taxi that stopped. Out off the car jumped Harry and I stopped. I stood behind a bush and watched him closely. He paid the taxi driver, then he just stood there and looked at the house and seemed lost. He looked unremarkable and his hair was so perfect. He had new clothes on and I realized I didn't look as good as he did. Still, maybe he could like me? He walked up the stairs and I saw him ring the doorbell. I smiled and watched as Sandy opened the door. She hugged him and let him in quickly. Then she shut the door.


"Louis, come on!" I mumbled to myself. "He's just a guy and he might not want you, but give him a chance." 
My legs were shaking and I didn't dare leave the bush. I could just imagine how Harry would see through me and think I was such a fagot who flirted with all the guys. Maybe he would think I was a wimp? I didn't want that, but I wanted him to see me for who I was.


Eventually I realized that the time had run on and the time was half past five. I gulped and decided to leave my hiding place. I went to Sandy's apartment and my legs were shaking. I didn't know what to say to Harry and I had no idea if he would even be interested in me.

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