the truth

the truth about sherlocks fake death has emerged but how exactly did he do it? And is it the truth or is there another twist?


2. I can't lie any longer

This is the first place i am telling. I can't lie any longer. Sherlock's closest friends apart from Watson knew his plan. It was to protect him. Sherlock feared he was going to be killed and he needed Watson safe. So together we staged a plan. I was the creator who sent out the wax model of Sherlock after he fell on to the balcony.It couldn't move so was perfect for faking his death. We had lots of fake blood and make up to make it look dead. The model looked just like Sherlock you couldn't tell the difference. I had to make sure of that. We spent weeks planing his death. Now you may wonder why when the wax figure hit the ground it didn't break. That was because we had a mat built over the pavement to look like pavement. We did that all to protect Watson from getting hurt because after Sherlock he would have been the next victim. I am leaving this here for everyone to see the truth.

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