Two sides of a Villian, Two sides of a Rockstar

Tony Stark is not parental material, so when he adopts a Teenage Rockstar, What will the others think? Especially when her past is revealed? Chaos will ensue, but nothing is sure when Loki is involved! I OWN NOTHING! Except the rocker girl...


13. Starts, Questions and Answers

When everyone had settled, Pepper and The Widow sat down on the armchairs opposite the sofa, they began.

"Loki, Rocky, we're going to ask you some questions, don't get mad, just give us an honest answer." Pepper smiled, "Alright, Q&A? This'll be fun!" Rocki smiled back.

"Ok, first question, Loki, are you going to go back to the 'Evil' thing?" The Widow asked,

"No, I won't be, I was coerced into it the first time, I'd rather not do so again." Loki answered


"It doesn't fit me, it does not become me, that and I took an oath to never do so again. I don't break my oaths."

"Fair enough, next question." Pepper dived in before the Widow could ask, "Are you two in a relationship beyond friendship?" They looked at her weirdly, "You know, Love?" The looked repulsed, "Er no. What makes you think that?" Rocki answered, "Well, your actions suggest defensiveness, which isn't shown around others, your tone and way of speaking to him suggest that you care, we just assumed-" Pepper was cut off, "Yes, you assumed, this is the problem, people assume things only when they have a few details, I can assure you there is nothing between us bar friendship." Pepper only nodded as she crossed the second item off of the list.

"Are we going to expect Extra-terrestrial visitors? Such as Chitauri or the Warriors of Asgard?" The Widow was firm and direct with her questions, her points were clear, leaving zero room for error, she wanted an answer, "There may be another invasion, or at least attack by the Chitauri, they want the Tesseract, they will use any means to find it. Asgard, now, I'm uncertain, there may be one, but right now I'm unsure, especially with this new information about the situation being Odin vs. Yiggdrasil." Loki answered, slightly shivering with fear. Which The Widow picked up on, and crossed the item off the list.

"Loki, how long will you be staying?" Pepper asked, concerned, "As long as I can, if that's no trouble..." Rocki jumped in, "It's no trouble Loki, Hel's Bells, You are staying for as long as I am, which is hopefully forever. Got it?" Rocky looked at the Pepper, who nodded and crossed it off.

"Rocky, why are you here? You act like it was Fate, but I have a feeling which says that you planned your arrival here" Widow asked, at that Rocki fell silent, contemplating, "Widow, I will grant you any answer, to any question you ask me, however, I can't answer that one, presently, for with your current information, you wouldn't understand, that is a story and a half, one which should be told among many more than those right here. I hope you understand." Widow didn't understand, but she accepted the answer anyway and neatly wrote, ask at a later date, next to the item. 

"Rocky, why did you bring Loki here, Midgard, or rather Stark Tower, where his enemies were?" Pepper asked gently, she thought this would be a sensitive topic, but Rocki answered it boldly; "Simple, I thought that, where better to hide a villain, than in plain sight? Besides, if the Chitauri or Asgard's guards do come down here, what the Hel am I supposed to do? I can fight most of them off, but not all of them! So I brought him here, Security, Safety and Family. Those are the main things I look for, in any building, otherwise, I don't go in it. It's not safe." Satisfied with that answer Pepper crossed it off the list.

"Rocky, how old are you, in actuality?" Widow frowned, no doubt Stark snuck that in there, she was expecting Rocki to reply with some rude answer, but what she got instead shocked her, "Ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies." It was coupled with a knowing look, she knew in all fact this was probably going to come up.

"Do any of you have any requirements? Dietary or anything else?" Pepper asked, with a pen poised to take notes. "We're both Vegetarian. Erm, no allergies of any kind, but don't try to feed us meat, seriously, the last time someone tried, they had a very bad accident." Loki answered, as if memorised, which probably wasn't surprising. "Okay, thanks, I think that should do it." Pepper breathed "Could you two follow us to the Medical Floor? Doctor Banner would like to perform a check-up on you Loki, if you don't mind." The Widow asked, with a nod from the Duo, The Widow morphed into Nat and she and the others took the elevator to the Medical floor.

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