Two sides of a Villian, Two sides of a Rockstar

Tony Stark is not parental material, so when he adopts a Teenage Rockstar, What will the others think? Especially when her past is revealed? Chaos will ensue, but nothing is sure when Loki is involved! I OWN NOTHING! Except the rocker girl...


3. Ozzy, Costume Changes and Requests

Rhodey had gone to get Rocki's stuff, so while Pepper took the Avengers on a tour Tony sat down on a sofa. He now knew to never underestimate that girl. Ever. She may look weak, but that chick was strong!

He was about to drift off into a nap, when he was disturbed by none other than the one who attacked him "Hi Stark" Rocki whimpered, she sounded scared and was twitching like mad, if he hadn't been with her a few moments ago, he would have never guessed that this was his daughter. "Hi Rocky, what's up? you're twitching like crazy. And what's wrong with dad?" Tony smirked  "You're going to send me back aren't you? Just like the others..." She trailed off the end bit, like she was ashamed about it, Tony was about to say something else when Rocki blurted out "They don't like me there! I hit them over the head with my guitar, then ran off, I nicked an Ostrich from the Zoo and I tried to get outta here, I remembered my stuff so I went back to get it, that's when you got me out of there" She walked as she talked and finished when she was by the sofa.

"And the problem with DAD is that everyone thinks you're such a kind child that when they take you home, that when you reveal the real you, they swipe the rug out from underneath your feet and you end up back at square one. I've been in that hell for 13 years. But you'll take me back now that you've seen me, I'm going to get Ozzy and leave." She sighed, and headed slowly to the elevator. "Wait!" Tony called as he got up from the sofa "Ozzy?" he asked, confused. "Yeah, that's what I named the Ostrich, Ozzy's awesome, so why not name my ride after him?" She explained.

Tony then grabbed her and pulled her to the elevator, when the doors opened and out fell  Rhodey (Got Rocki's stuff) Pepper and the Avengers (The tour was over) who all picked themselves off the floor. When everyone had dusted themselves off Tony then yelled "THIS MAVERICK IS STAYING HERE FOREVER! I DON'T CARE WHAT ANYONE SAYS! SHE IS WORTHY TO STAY IN THE HOUSE OF STARK!" He then smiled at Rocki, who then got her graffiti covered duffel bag off of Rhodey and walked into a room, a few second later, she reappeared:

The old Goth/Archer look was gone replaced by a simple black jeans, Metallica T-shirt and an insulated, plain black leather jacket, covered with badges, sayings and band names. On her head instead of black war stripes and eye sockets, with red eyes, a black bandana on her forehead and around her neck, was instead a plain face, with long black hair, electric blue eyes, a pale complexion a bright green bandana around her head and an dark blue bandana around her neck with a blood red "R" embroidered in the centre of it. Feetwise a pair of black punk combat boots laced up shut, a leather belt around her waist holding her precious bandanas, a black IPod on her belt with custom headphones on. Finally a red guitar of unknown make on a well-worn strap thrown onto her back completed the costume change. She was headbanging to an unknown piece when she entered.

She then pressed something and looked up "Hey, what do you think, this is my main outfit, I have different variations of this one, and of course, the other one obviously. But that one's mainly for showing off." She said this with a smile on her face. Tony then stepped forwards, "Well Rocky, everyone else has been shown to his/her room, so I think it's fair that I show you yours." As he beckoned her towards the elevator, Rocki ran back into the room which she changed in, grabbed her bag and slid to a neat stop in front of the elevator. Then Pepper, Tony, Rocki and Rhodey got into the elevator (The Avengers said they'd take the stairs) When they arrived on floor 66 The elevator stopped and they got out,  Rocki stepper forwards and took in her surroundings, it was all so calm, so bright, so quiet, so "BOR-ING!" she called mockingly "What!? Boring? Dwargh! You see this panel here?" Tony said as he lead her to a panel, "You can change the settings according to your tastes! Neat huh?" He asked "Cool" was all she said as she set to work.

By the end of her changes the room still had the white walls it had when she first started, But the floor was plain black wood with royal purple rugs (grey tile in the bathroom) the furniture was royal purple and dark red combo, the curtains were a nice dark green, the normal lighting was purple and (if she desired) disco, the ceiling was a deep blue, with red, green, purple and black dot lights scattered around. It was then that the Avengers burst in. They then took an opportunity to look around.

It was then that Rocki said one thing, "I realise that this may seem stupid right now but  I require that this floor be soundproofed also I need building materials, tools, and books, preferably Science, Construction, Mythology and History." Before Tony could decline to most of that (Soundproofing? What?) Jarvis answered "Certainly Rocky, the soundproofing team shall be here in two days, the books shall be here tomorrow and the materials and tools shall be here in three days, is that all?"  "No it is not all, but I can wait until those things arrives before I shall ask for anymore" She answered, It was obvious that she was  bored, but she had no way to release that boredom until the soundproofing was in.

Otherwise, she would disturb the others.

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