Two sides of a Villian, Two sides of a Rockstar

Tony Stark is not parental material, so when he adopts a Teenage Rockstar, What will the others think? Especially when her past is revealed? Chaos will ensue, but nothing is sure when Loki is involved! I OWN NOTHING! Except the rocker girl...


4. Music, Magic and an Old Friend

It was the day after all the things had arrived, And Rocki's room looked vastly different already.

Using her books and tools, she built walls, doors, shelves and added an extra bedroom. Then when the soundproofing team came in, they soundproofed everything, now the front door, walls, ceiling and floor were completely proofed. Then she finished her changes; the walls, except for the two bedrooms, were a dark red, her bedroom was changed to a dark purple and black combo, the second bedroom was changed to a dark green with gold flecks scattered around it. They both fitted into the theme. But when Tony came down to her floor to call her up for dinner, he was met with a surprise, there was a corridor of black wood with red lights leading from the elevator to a dark purple door, On the door, was a handle shaped like a clawed mechanical paw with a keyhole, A knocker shaped like a skull on fire, and painted in blood red, was the number 666, it was painted on to resemble blood and Tony had to chuckle, when he said "Make yourself at home" She really took it to heart.

Figuring that if he used the knocker she would get here quicker, he did, with no answer, he tried again, with no answer, in the end he asked Jarvis to alert Rocki to his presence, when he was answered with a negative, Tony sighed and went back upstairs. to face the possibly fiery wrath that was Pepper Potts.

On the other side of the door however, Rocki was lying down on the floor of her living room, she asked Jarvis to not disturb her for any reason unless it was an emergency. Or Natasha, Bruce and Clint wanted in.  In which case, he'd warn her first.  It was five minutes after Tony had left that she got up and went into her room, there wasn't much in there, except a bed of black wood and purple sheets, a wall covered in bits of newspapers, magazines and book pages, another wall of pictures, all of them were scattered around the wall, every inch was covered, another wall was dedicated to a hand painted mural, finally the fourth wall was dedicated to a plan, of blankets. on a desk below the plan, was said blanket. It was half finished and was made of white cloth, but the bits that were covered were beautifully detailed.

Rocki's eyes fell her duffle bag, she reached in and grabbed something, it was a portable speaker, it was rough, it had been through the wrecker, but amazingly was still whole. she left the room and closed the door, after checking the front door she asked. "Jarvis, what I'm about to do, may quite possibly be dangerous to my safety, but I swear to god. If you alert anyone, I will rip out your hard drive and spit on your CPU got it?" She ended in that very sweet tone that promised pain if he didn't comply. "Of course Rocky. Have fun." Jarvis complied, if she was in danger, he wouldn't alert anyone, but if she was in medical distress, he would have to deny that request.

It was then that she set work, she pulled her guitar to her front, connected it to her speaker, hit a button on her IPod and played;


Have you ever felt left out of the group, excluded?
 Given the boot when you knew you should have been a shoo-in?
 Like some ancient Druid was pursuant to ruin your life
 With a curse but worse, he brought his whole damn crew in.
 And now it’s high noon and you’re a target to shoot at
 This school’s a battlefield, no wonder you’re truant!
 They always look at you and they boo at what you’re doing
 And you go off like a bomb at the Olympics in Munich.

 Nah, you’re just an extraterrestrial
 Less than respectable
 You’ll never get to get the girl
 You’re just a jester at the festival
 I guess it’s acceptable
 To peg your head with vegetables
 And kick you in the testicles
 And best of all let you know that you’re a filthy dog
 And you’ll never be best in show.

 So why the abuse?
‘Cause all a bully needs is a f!*^ing excuse!

 Planet Earth I need a friend
‘Cause I’m on the outside looking in
 I’m an Alien
 I’m just an Alien
 Feeling lost but never found
‘Til I found myself being pushed around
 I’m an Alien
 Yes, I’m an Alien.

 I’ma be honest, it gets better I promise
 So don’t let them ground you down to a pound of sawdust
 Stay on the stage the longest ’til the gong hits
 And everybody comments on their fondness
 Of your polish and your overall knowledge
 Remain calmest and abolish your modesty
‘Cause honestly you got to be positive
 You’re a prodigy!
 You show the world that you’re not to mess with
 It’s a broken home that makes these ba*!^rds aggressive
 You can expect to get rejected
 Neglected, stripped naked, and tested ’til they reckon
 You feel terrible because nothing is comparable
 Violence ain’t the answer but the pain is unbearable
 You’re nice and jaded from being isolated
 Now you coast through life feeling twice as hated.

 So why the abuse?
‘Cause all a bully needs is a f*!^ing excuse!


 Axel on the drums!




 No Ohhh!
 I’m an Alien
 Yes, I’m an Alien

(Copyright Yourfavouritemartian, I own Nothing!)

When the last note was played, an answer was given, in the form of a green fire. It was loud, it seemed like it was going to explode anytime, and it did, not part of her living room was safe from the now raging inferno, Except a small bubble surrounding Rocki and her speaker, then it all cut off. And right where the fire started was a man, with jet black hair, bright green eyes, a smirk that makes time stop. It was one guy, the only guy she trusted, the only guy she allowed to see her second side. 











And he looked horrible.

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