Two sides of a Villian, Two sides of a Rockstar

Tony Stark is not parental material, so when he adopts a Teenage Rockstar, What will the others think? Especially when her past is revealed? Chaos will ensue, but nothing is sure when Loki is involved! I OWN NOTHING! Except the rocker girl...


10. Listing, Bad Blood and Affirmations

It had been three hours since Rocki and Loki left and The Avengers and Others had finally processed all the information and, using Jarvis, had drawn up a list of things which they had to either question the two on, or to get them to do, it looked something like this;

To Do List

1) Question- Is Loki going to return to the Villain Gig? If No. Why?

2) Question- Are you two in a relationship beyond Friendship?

3) Question- Are we going to expect extra-terrestrial visitors?

4) Question- How long is Loki staying?

5) Thing- Do a medical check-up on Loki

6) Question-  How old is Rocky- really?

7) Question- What is Rocky's purpose of being here?

8) Question- Why did Rocky bring Loki here- Midgard, Stark Tower- The Home of his Enemies?

9) Question- Does Loki require any special treatment- Dietary or otherwise?

10) Thing- Take the both of them shopping- Clothes, Food?

With the list sorted and Pepper satisfied with the fact that now she could help Loki fit in more and become more comfortable, they all decided to head down to floor 666 as Rocki had christened it, to go and start on the list, while Fury goes to talk to the Council and update the situation.

When the elevator dinged, Pepper and Natasha walked out, Natasha, cold, composed, She wasn't the Natalia Rocki had befriended, she was The Black Widow, the kind of person who stands there waiting for you to realise she killed you already while you were looking directly at her, she was that good, she was that dangerous, but now the Widow was needed for another reason other than Blackmail, Assassination and or Infiltration, she was needed for Protection. Because Tony Stark was so paranoid that his Unbeatable, Supremely Sophisticated, Straight-out-of-a-Sci-Fi-Movie AI couldn't protect his Pepper that he enlisted the one person who he knows can protect her from anything, even an Apocalypse. In fact, he was so against Pepper going down there that the following altercation took place;


"I'm not saying that you aren't capable of going down there, I'm merely saying that I don't trust Rocky, in the fact that she has a leash on Pointbreak's Possibly psychotic little Bro, That's all!"

"Tony, while I appreciate the sentiment, We all know that Rocky is more comfortable around Me, Nat, Clint and Bruce, however, Loki is scared of Bruce, Clint will most likely kill him, Nat managed to outsmart him, so she's his equal in his eyes and then there's me, he hasn't met me, so there's no bad blood between him and me, besides Nat is The Black Widow, may I remind you, she can take care of me perfectly, I'll be fine, and I trust Rocky, She's my-no OUR DAUGHTER, remember that, you're doing her a great injustice by saying that you don't trust her! Now, me and Nat will be on her floor if you need us, let's go Nat." Giving Tony a look that said "Try me I dare you" Pepper strutted off to the elevator.


So, with a quick weapons check, a nod from Pepper and a quick message to Jarvis saying to tell Stark they hadn't been blown up yet, Pepper and The Widow knocked on the door, to begin possible the most crucial Q and A session they had ever performed in their careers.

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