Two sides of a Villian, Two sides of a Rockstar

Tony Stark is not parental material, so when he adopts a Teenage Rockstar, What will the others think? Especially when her past is revealed? Chaos will ensue, but nothing is sure when Loki is involved! I OWN NOTHING! Except the rocker girl...


5. Healing, Hugging and Sun Childs

"Lok! Holy Christ! What The Actual HELL has happened to you!?" Rocki was hysterical, her best friend looked tortured, it was a miracle that he was still breathing. She shook all thoughts from her  head and ran back to her room grabbed her bag and slid back, where he was sitting, on her sofa. She blinked once, then ran to his side, where she threw her bag down by the sofa and sang in Norse.

While she sang, his wounds healed, first the bruise marks which covered him, then the whip marks on his back, the brands on his chest, the scars on his arms, the cuts, the broken bones, they all healed, when she finished, Loki was fine. Then he turned to her, they stared at each other for a few seconds before Rocki got up, went to the kitchen, filled two glasses up, one with water, another with Pepsi, then she went back to Loki.

She sat down beside him and put the glass of water in front of him, he picked it up and down half a glass before setting it back down, he then waited for Rocki to finish drinking and put her glass down before speaking; "Rok, I-I-I I am sorry for the pain I have put you through all these years, I have been a horrible friend to you. I ask nothing more then a days stay here, then I will leave you to your own devices." He looked into her eyes and saw nothing but seriousness. Then, without warning or a tell, Rocki B-Slapped him. "You annoying little moron! I want you to stay here! for, like EVER! I don't care that you left me in the lurch. Christsake you idiot! I don't care! You're my friend you ignorant Bilgesnipe!" Rocki was upset, she hated seeing him like this, he once again thought he was worthless, she had to comfort him, then she heard an elevator ding.

(OH HELL!) she thought rapidly, where could she hide him? But that thought came too late as the door came down and in came the Avengers, All of them battle ready. She knew Jarvis told them, and she didn't care. Right now, her priority was keeping Loki from getting an anxiety attack.

"Will all of you keep it down!? Jesus Christ!" She then lead Loki into his room, it was tailored to fit what she thought he liked. But that was a hundred years ago, so she wasn't sure. When she came back out, she locked the door, she'd rather have a few seconds to get to him, then no time at all. She then went to get her drink, pour Loki's one down the drain, leaned on the back of the sofa, and motioned for them to continue. "Rocky, What is he doing here?" Widow ordered. (Of course), Rocki smiled, (The Black Widow is All Work and No play!) "Of course Avengers, I have merely brought my friend back from the brink of insanity, as I have done many a time, since we met and became friends. Why? Is this a problem?" She answered with a smirk, and a tone that practically screamed I don't give a damn.  "Friend Rocky, usually, I would be quick to judge, however, I must ask you, what are you planning to do with my brother, and why did you "break" him out of Asgard?" Thor asked.

Rocki was about to answer when an ear-splitting scream came from Loki's bedroom. "LOKI!" Rocki yelled and ran to the door unlocking it with a twist of her hand, dashed inside and relocked the door. The Avengers ran to it as well and Thor tried to bring it down, failed. Hulk tried, failed. Iron man tried, failed. they all tried, singularly and as a team. The door wasn't even scratched.

Meanwhile, inside Loki's room:

Loki was either having a seizure, or a tantrum but Rocki didn't care, Magic bolts hit her is several different places, each of them burning like hell. it didn't matter, Loki was on fire, Rocki was too. But it was fine. He was a friend. He was having issues, she had to help. So she hugged him, while he flailed and shot bolts everywhere, whispering "Cool it Lok, come on mate, calm it! I've got you. I've always got you." She never meant anything as seriously as she did then. And deep down Loki knew it as well, no matter what happened, Rocki would always be there, It didn't matter if it was a trivial, or a Yiggdrasil sized matter. She would always be there, hauling his ass out of the hole he dug himself into, being right behind him, no matter what. And he loved her for it. But the amount of times he's been betrayed by those he loved, Loki put up a mask that's even tougher then the one Rocki put up. She has a long way to go before it cracks and the Loki she knows is revealed. A long way.

But then she said something that cracked the mask, something which assured him that she would never betray him; "Sun Child, My darling, The Earth Calls for it's Lost One, Will you Answer?" "Hello Starshine, I Wait for the Moon." He answered and stopped fighting, his resources were completely drained now anyway, "Sun Child, Who Waits for the Moon, Fly to the Shine, And Answer the Earth." Rocki smiled, They both knew that they shouldn't be seen like this, but they didn't care. "Starshine, The Earth will not Listen, I will Fly to the Sun." "Sun Child, I will Follow You, To Save you from the Sun, And Fly to the Shine." Loki and Rocki stared, they both knew that a trip to Asgard was overdue, but first, they had a problem much closer to home, convincing the Avengers that Loki is no threat.


Later Outside Loki's Room


"I don't believe it, so you two have been what, friends for a few millennia? Rocky, you're only 13! Not 4013! How do you expect me to believe that!?" Stark voiced what the others were thinking. They had all moved back to Rocki's living room, because telling everything in the corridor would have made everyone claustrophobic, where Rocki had given the briefest explanation possible, hoping that they would take the bait and leave, but now, it was hopeless, Rocki would have to tell the whole story, or else it'd be catastrophic.  

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