Two sides of a Villian, Two sides of a Rockstar

Tony Stark is not parental material, so when he adopts a Teenage Rockstar, What will the others think? Especially when her past is revealed? Chaos will ensue, but nothing is sure when Loki is involved! I OWN NOTHING! Except the rocker girl...


6. Flashbacks, Bandits and Laughter

"Now look! How about, before you go pointing fingers and denying, you listen to our side of the story first, then you can decide what to believe. Seem fair? Good." Rocki practically shouted to get herself heard. Then everyone moved from Rocki's floor to the penthouse upstairs, as it was more comfortable.

Then, at 13 minutes past 3 in the morning, with everyone was finally comfortable, (There was a whole thing about moving the furniture around) Rocki began;

"Alright, when me and Loki met it was here, on Midgar-Earth, heh, I was just travelling around, blessed by the Fates, I had gained immortality, but that's a story for another day, so when my parents had died, everyone thought I had been six feet under for three years, it would've been weird, so I set off, travelling round the world, I had met many people and was far in a Scandinavian forest when Loki arrived..."

"It was out of nowhere! He, Thor, Sif and the Warriors Three all appeared down a shining column of light, which I know now as the Bifrost, then Thor started shouting something in Norse, which I picked up with ease and then after hearing an answer in the same language, Thor, Sif and the Warriors, left leaving Loki all alone to keep the site clear. But it was then that trouble struck, bandits, the same ones I myself had come across only a few days before and had just barely managed to defeat, jumped Loki." Rocki sneaked a glance at Loki, who was holding up quite well, she was adding in most of the details, praying that Thor wouldn't interrupt calling her a liar, then, after making sure Loki wouldn't pass out soon, she continued; " Back then, Loki was skilled in sorcery and illusion, but a surprise attack isn't something that happens to him, so he was unprepared...

I saw the whole thing, but didn't intervene as he was beaten brutally and without mercy, it was just when the leader was about to slit his throat that I interfered;


"$&*@! It's her! Rolè! Let's bail!" shouted the second in command,

"Fine.. Just as soon as I do this!" Rolè slammed his knife blade first into his throat,

"NO! YOU £$%@*&^! WHAT THE HELL!?" That was my Warcry as I ran towards that guy, he might have had a family, I didn't care, I just sprinted at him, jumped and landed a kick right on his pretty little face. He flew backwards and hit a tree, I knew that he wasn't walking away from that.

It was then that the other two got the message, I wasn't in the mood to play, so they ran off, then I half stumbled, half ran to Loki. He only had his throat sliced just a few moments ago, but already he was up, I almost fell on top of him!

"Christ! You okay? Need a doctor? No? Okay. err... The name's Rocki, by the way, so yeah..." It was awkward to say the least, here was this guy who was in Death's Doorway less than a minute ago and now he was up and standing, I mean what the heck am I supposed to say!? 'Glad you didn't die, as I don't know what I would have had to tell your companions if you had!?' Seriously, what do you say?" It was at that moment that Loki snickered, giving Rocki a chance to give her aching throat a rest and give Loki a medical lookover;

Physically, he was fine, all of his wounds were healed, but mentally, well, the bag of cats was completely gone, replaced by something much harder to get rid of, which was a problem for Rocki and practically anyone who tries to help him, but he was snickering, then it stopped and turned into a full blown laugh. Loki, the guy she just saved from whatever hell he was in a few hours ago, was already laughing his head off at one of her stories, she was sure this was a sign, his mind was shadowed by the fog, but now, perhaps it was clearing... "Hah, Hah! (Wheeze) Ouch! Oh! That was good! Rocki! Was that actually how it happened!? Because, honestly, it is all a bit hazy, but that could've been the blood loss. Anyway! Continue Oh Great and All-Powerful Rockstar!"

"ANYWAY! It was about that time that Thor, and the others were coming back from whatever they were doing and that was also where things got a bit... Ugly." Rocki finished in a dark tone as she turned to look at the clock, only to find Pepper and Fury standing in front of it, stunned by what they had just heard.

Rocki looked around them and saw that two hours had passed since she had started, knowing that being up for this long must have taken a lot of will, Rocki sent everyone off to bed, telling them that they'll reconvene later, when everyone was awake and refreshed. 

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