Two sides of a Villian, Two sides of a Rockstar

Tony Stark is not parental material, so when he adopts a Teenage Rockstar, What will the others think? Especially when her past is revealed? Chaos will ensue, but nothing is sure when Loki is involved! I OWN NOTHING! Except the rocker girl...


12. Defense, Information and Swears

After what seemed like half an hour, the door finally opened and Pepper and The Widow, entered the floor.

It seemed like the duo were having a wild party, then hastily made it presentable, the disco lights were on, the floor was littered with broken chips and marks, the rugs were scattered and scrunched, everything looked like a half-decent attempt to make the place presentable, but only so much so that they could return to whatever they were doing in a moment's notice. But what made them stop was the noticeable absence of the floors inhabitants.

Quickly they split up, Pepper taking Rocki's room and The Widow taking the Bathroom and Loki's room. They had only gotten to their chosen rooms when a sneeze took them to the kitchen.

On the floor, amid various food packages and empty bottles, entangled in each others arms, and using their jackets for blankets, were Rocki and Loki.

While Pepper whipped out her phone and took a picture 'For the Album' The Widow was having none of it. She kicked both of them, extremely hard, twice.

They had never moved faster, Loki rolled sideways, colliding himself with Widow's left leg, knocking her off balance, but stopping before hitting Pepper, who helped him stand up. While Rocki done a backflip, kicked the falling Widow in the jaw which caused her to fall backwards and crash into the floor, and landed with the her jacket ready to towel-whip the next person to came at her to a whimpering mess.

However, seeing no danger and a fallen friend on the floor, Rocki quickly summarised what had happened and quickly recovered and ice pack and a towel,  when she got back Widow was being helped to the sofa, by Pepper and a slightly reluctant Loki, when she sat down, Rocki pushed the items into her hand, "I'm Sorry... Widow, you should have, like I said earlier, let Jarvis notify us that we were needed. There will be an armada of Asgardian warriors after Loki now, since I broke him outta that hell. We can't take any chances." As she spoke, all eyes turned to Loki, who nodded, and added "Rocki is quite right, I was a prisoner there, since she, in her words 'broke me outta that hell' Odin will undoubtedly send his best men after me. And put Heimdall on my trail."

Rocki barked out a laugh, "Loki, I hate to break it to you, but it was Asgard's best men and Heimdall who helped me get you out! Odin is literally hated by all of Asgard now, you may not have been the 'Golden Prince' Or the 'Courts Prince' but you were the 'People's Prince' Everyone looked up to you! When you ask warriors who their favourite prince is, they'll say Thor, but they're like what? 4-5% of the population, the courts are less than that! Ask the people who their favourite prince is, ask the ones that make the Realm. They'll say you. The People of every Realm look up to you! Even some of the leaders do! The Vanir, The Svartálfar, The Ljósálfar, Your Niece Hela, All of goddamn Hel, About half of Nidavellir, Surtur and Muspelheim, Even some parts of Valhalla and Niffleheim! Hell man, even the NORNS! By locking you up without trial, Odin caused a huge-ass riot! Just in Asgard! The others are now refusing to trade with that jerk in protest! Lok, just cause the Courts despise you and Odin justs blanks your very existence doesn't mean that everyone does! Hell, I sure as heck don't! I know that Heimdall don't! I can sure as Hel tell you that Frigga don't! Lok, Odin is the only one that truly despises you, that is in a seat of power, the courts have no power, none of the people on the Yiggdrasil Court hate you, The Norn's love you, and you're the Chaos to my Havoc. What the heck does that tell you?"

Even The Widow had to admit, it was one thing to hear about Rocki's pick-me-up speeches, but to witness one, it was amazing, she truly cared for Loki, which made both parts of her, The Widow and Nat, swear to everything they held dear, to protect her, from everything, including herself. If Loki broke Rocki, then The Avengers, SHEILD, hell even Odin, would have to wait their turn, while she pummelled his ass so far down into the Earth, it would reach the core, then they could have their turn, but only then. 

Rocki was her friend, this is what friends do for one another. As she made that swear, a little tune ran through The Widow's mind; "Someone's gonna get it! Someone's gonna get it!"

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