Two sides of a Villian, Two sides of a Rockstar

Tony Stark is not parental material, so when he adopts a Teenage Rockstar, What will the others think? Especially when her past is revealed? Chaos will ensue, but nothing is sure when Loki is involved! I OWN NOTHING! Except the rocker girl...


9. Break Out, Break In and Confirmations

"So... Here's me in a cell, for "Disrespect against the Land of Asgard" I was about to give up yelling several profanities against the guards, Asgard and their mothers when Loki appeared...

"Guards! release the Midgardian, she has been pardoned for her unruly conduct by The All-father, she knew not that she was offending Him or Asgard." He spoke fluidly, like he had done this stuff before, then the guards acquiesced to his demands with a murmur of "Yes My Prince," So as they flicked a switch and threw me out of the dungeons, I was left thinking "Bull. No Way that Pompous Prat of a King would've let me out so early, well, maybe, but still, that's highly unlikely!" That was when I heard a "Wait! She isn't supposed to be out! GUARDS!!" And a "Damn!" from Loki, that my hunch was right, thinking "Loki! What do we do?" And him replying "What realms are you welcome in?" I gained yet another feeling that this adventure wasn't over yet " Practically all of them, as I haven't been in any of them! But, probably not Muspelheim and Jotunheim for long periods of time, for obvious reasons"  With a muttered spell, a green portal opened and we ran through, with it closing behind us as we landed in a new realm, Vanaheim, Home of the Vanir, where, unfortunately, there were guards already looking, so we hid, in the forests, living off the land and taming some of the animals there, so that they would help us with living there and for transportation, when the Vanir entered, carrying a rather large chest, and a very large diamond. gifts, from Asgard, in reward for their services in tracking us. I looked at Loki and Loki looked at me, we both agreed that we wanted that stuff, just to spite them into taking things from Asgard, a prat of a realm that neither of us liked, but had to live with.

So, using our intellect, guess work and spells, we broke into their Vault, nicked what we could, then practically flew like bats outta hell when the alarm sigils went off, we dove into the forest, but our inexperience with going through it, with items, made us slow, so that when we came across a dead end, we were stuck, there was a fight, it wasn't pretty and I got chloroformed, or the Vanir equivalent of it anyway.

When I came to, I noticed two things;

One, Loki and I were in different cells, but he was cuffed.

Two, The Leader of the Vanir was here, looking pissed and glaring down at us.

I gave him the Universal "I surrender!" sign and yelled "Don't Shoot! I'm a Midgardian Musician! We're very Rare!" Which earned me a snicker from Loki and a huff from The Leader, who then turned and strutted off.

Then I turned to Loki and Loki turned to me, with me sporting a devilish smile and mischievous glints in my eyes, I innocently stated;

"Lok...That was Amazing! Same time next week?" -"

"That was when I knew that Rocki and I were destined to be 'Best Mates', for were it anyone else, they would've surely never agreed to any of this in the first place, let alone ask for another bought!" Loki interrupted, with a tone of happiness. Rocki nodded and finished;

"It was then, at that moment that Loki looked at me with confusion, which quickly turned to pure happiness, once he realised what I meant and commented " I wouldn't have it any other way, Rok."... It was that moment that I realised, I had found a guy who wouldn't back-stab me, or hurt me unintentionally or otherwise. I realised I had found a friend. Because he stood by me, he fought for me, back when he didn't even know me, and I stand by those who stand by me." She glared at everyone, especially Thor, Natasha, Tony and Fury as she ended "You guys got a problem with that, then as a Rockstar, Lady of Serafina Manor, Friend of The Fates and Ally to Yiggdrasil and the Nine Realms, along all the Power that comes with those titles, you can royally go f**k yourselves."

There was a pause, which was broken by Fury saying calmly "Welcome to Earth Loki, since you already have accommodations, feel free to do whatever you want, excluding things of a villainous nature, of course." He spoke hurriedly, mainly to pacify the slightly fuming Rockstar, who probably wouldn't hesitate to rip his head off if he said the wrong thing to him. 

"Thank You Director, I can assure you, I plan on staying away from the Villain business forever, if that can calm your nerves. Come along Rok, let's allow your family to digest this information, Jarvis will let us know if we are needed." Loki and Rocki then stood up, gathered their things and took the elevator down to their floor. When the elevator door had closed and Jarvis had assured them that they were gone, The Avengers and Others let out a collective sigh and began to wade through the large wad of information that they had just heard. 

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