Two sides of a Villian, Two sides of a Rockstar

Tony Stark is not parental material, so when he adopts a Teenage Rockstar, What will the others think? Especially when her past is revealed? Chaos will ensue, but nothing is sure when Loki is involved! I OWN NOTHING! Except the rocker girl...


8. Aftermath, Asgard and First Contact

"Like I said, I was mad, so when the fight was over, I was stared at, like when you see a huge ass spider or something freaky and you just stare at it and move back slowly, that's what the "Mightiest of Asgard" Did...

"Rocki, never before have I seen such ferocity, yet finesse in battle, pray tell, who was your tutor?" Loki panted, he remained closer than the others, I could tell he was still wary, like a feral cat. "Loki, I had no tutor, Experience, Trial and Error and Advice are my teachers, I tried all different kinds of styles, until I found one that fit, and then I practised, I gained experience using those moves, through trial and error I found which ones I had to work on and through advice the victors of the many fights I participated gave me, I found the weak points and flaws which needed to be protected and corrected. Why do you ask?" I answered with a slight bite, but hey, exhaustion does that to you! "I merely wanted to study your fighting style, but alas, I think I shall pass, for my brother will surely call the Bifrost down now that the enemy has been vanquished and the quest completed." Loki answered forlornly. Then, after a minute of silent deliberation I quite possibly asked one of the most life-changing questions I have ever asked: "Can I come with?" Then it was my turn to be stared at like I was on fire, "What did you say?" Thor asked, Quietly, for once..."

Everyone now gazed at Thor, due to the fact that, he hasn't spoken a word since this ordeal started and, if what Rocki said was true, he had spoken quietly, for once... "Anyway on with the story! So Thor asked quietly... "What did you say?" "I answered, "Can I Come With You People To Wherever You Are Going To?" I spoke slowly, but loudly like I was talking to a child. Everyone was stunned, so far, any Midgardian/Earthman they had met had ran off in fear, never had one stayed near them for so long, and none especially asked to go with them to Asgard! Loki, however broke the confused silence with a simple "Yes." 

At that Loki dragged me to that weird circle of Norse Stuff, which you still need to tell me what it means, where the others were, he then looked up murmured something and that beam of light shot down and back up again, like the first time, however, since this was my first time, I was unaccustomed to the jolt that happens at the end when you arrive back at the Hub, so while the others landed smoothly, I tumbled head over heels, turned it into a flip and landed doing the splits... It was really easy Stark stop wincing! Ahem... I then clambered back onto my feet and stared at this guy, who I now know to be Heimdall, and said the first thing that came into my head "Mate... does everyone in this Realm dress like a Renaissance Reject!?"  That earned me a very stern glare from Loki and Heimdall, no lie..." This had everyone, excluding Natasha and Fury, on the floor, laughing their heads off, it took ten minutes, but eventually everyone managed to control themselves to a degree that they could look at Rocki, Loki and Thor, without ending on the floor, It was then that Rocki continued her story. "...So yeah after that fiasco, Loki dragged me out from Heimdall's All-Seeing Glare. Out of the Hub into the outside. "Welcome, To Asgard Rocki." To which I, in all my Rockstar wisdom, answered; "One, I need your name, I'm gonna run out of pleasantries to call you and when I do, the horrific nicknames will come out, so don't make me, HornHead. Two, I've seen better out in Midgard. Can we get moving?" So, stunned, but albeit answering, Loki, Heimdall, Thor, The Warriors Three and Sif escorted me, o the palace, so that the very first Midgardian to ever cross Asgard's borders, could meet their All-Father King and their All-Mother Queen.

When we reached the palace gates, accompanied by a lot of followers, I again asked Loki "Seriously Rudolf, name! Need it otherwise I've screwed up already when it comes to first contact!"  I asked, exasperated, to which Loki mysteriously obliged "I am Loki, Second Prince of Asgard, God of Mischief, Trickery and Chaos, Silvertongue, Skywalker and Mother of Six.

That Oaf with a Hammer is My Elder Brother Thor, Crown Prince of Asgard, God of Thunder and Wielder of Mjolnir." I still had many questions, but I kept them to me, for it was then that we arrived outside the Throne Room doors, to which Loki asked "What is your name, your dad's names and your occupation?" "Rockelle Serafina, Daughter of Victor Serafina, Musician." I answered hurriedly, which  Loki then prattled off to the announcer, who, as the doors swung open, bellowed out to the crowds, in this order;

"Announcing the Arrival

Of Musician

Rockelle Serafina

Daughter of Victor

First Midgardian To Grace

The Fair Land Of Asgard"

As we walked down the aisle which was created through the crowds, then the announcer listed off the others and then he yelled out "All Hail The All-Father King Odin and the All-Mother Queen Frigga!" To which everyone yelled; "HAIL HAIL! HAIL HAIL!"  At which point, said people came in through separate doors and sat down on the two thrones in front of me, then Loki and Thor walked up the stairs to them, and sat on the thrones beside them, Thor's next to Odin and Loki's next to Frigga, then the Warriors and Sif walked up and stood on the stairs, Fandral and Volstaag on Odin's side, Sif and Hogun on Frigga's. It was then that all sound then exited the hall and Odin boomed "Welcome Rockelle! Daughter of Victor! Musician of Midgard! As you have heard I am Odin All-Father, King of Asgard! What say you?" It was then that I was stunned, I literally had no answer, I stood there like a moron for about a second until I heard a voice in my head, it was Loki's "He means, You should address him as you would any ruler!" "Errrrrrr... Mate I know two versions of Norse, Good and Bad, what you think?" I answered, "Hmmmm, Assuming 'Bad' is profanities, Good." Loki answered.

So, knowing my answer, I stopped acting like a fool and answered him, " Two things, One Renaissance Reject, Seriously, it isn't in style anymore, so become fashionable, or I can't be seen on Midgard with you people. Seriously. And two, What exactly were you doing on Midgard in the first place?" My tone screamed innocence, then, sensing an Ohhhhh! moment I then said, voice dripping with sarcasm, "Oh All Righteous All-Father Odin." It was then that I think the unseen line got crossed, because Odin yelled for me to get my "Disrespectful Self" thrown into the dungeons.

That was Earth's First Contact with Alien Life


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