Two sides of a Villian, Two sides of a Rockstar

Tony Stark is not parental material, so when he adopts a Teenage Rockstar, What will the others think? Especially when her past is revealed? Chaos will ensue, but nothing is sure when Loki is involved! I OWN NOTHING! Except the rocker girl...


7. 2+2=5, Chases and a Rockstar's Fury

They reconvened at three in the afternoon, as it took that long to get Tony to think coherently and to speak actual words. After twelve omelettes, twenty two bagels and too many cups of coffee, and fifty cups of tea, the entire team, Pepper, Fury and Loki was ready to listen to next part of how they met.

"Alright everyone comfortable? Yeah? Great..." Rocki trailed off, she knew this was important, but that didn't mean that she had to like it.

"Okay... So, like I said, it was around that time when Thor and the others came back, and, well, Thor wasn't a great brother, but he had standards and no one, no one messes with anyone he knew, so seeing Loki half dead, me out of breath and no one else in sight, well, no one that he could see, Thor and the others did 2+2=5." Everyone gave Thor a collective glare, to which Thor responded by blushing like a tomato and sinking further into his seat, feeling quite happy with herself, Rocki continued, "So yeah, here's what happened..."HOW DARE YOU HARM A SON OF ODIN! YOU WILL FACE THE WRATH OF MJOLNIR!!!!!!!!!" So Thor, Sif and the Warriors Three chased me around the clearing, now between their inability to hit the side of a barn that was directly in front of them, my superb speed, quick reflexes and jumpiness, I managed to stay alive long enough for Loki to shout, "ENOUGH!" It was so loud that I swear, there was a shockwave from it. But anyway... Everyone dropped there weapons and Loki made his way to where I was on the other side of the clearing, He then pulled back a few bushes to show the guy that I axed earlier, that was when they started to make 4.

"My dear Maiden, forgive us for thinking so harshly of you-"Thor started "One do not under any circumstances call me a "Maiden" or a "Lady" or any other title other than the one I got right now you got me? Second, Mate, no harm no foul, you saw the entirely wrong scene, you obviously like this guy," I wildly gestured to Loki " So you fought for what you thought was the right reasons simple. Now if you don't mind, this guy owes me a bit of thanks for the fact that I totally saved his life." I stared  at Loki as though he was going to do something, the others were just staring at him as if he was going to do a trick or burst into fire, Loki had never thanked anyone, especially a midgardian, for anything, so it practically blew their minds when he uttered without a stutter or slight hesitation " Thank You, for saving my life, Rocki." "Whatever, just try not to do so again mate, ya hear, I can't always be around to haul you outta the fire." I replied jokingly, nobody had noticed that we were surrounded, but then we did and hell was upon us. "AMBUSH!" Hogun yelled as the enemy launched it's attack and pounced like a cat upon unsuspecting mice. Except  these were armed to the teeth and well, I was pretty miffed, these people have obviously been in a huge fight, this guy had just came back from the dead and I got chased around by his comrades for apparently attacking him, then this happens, so I was pretty mental with wrath. And let me tell you:

Hel Hath No Fury Like A Rockstar Scorned"

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