Adventure Time

"You know I love you"
"That doesn't Change anything"
"But I do"
He broke off and limped away . Forever


1. The fault is not in our stars

 Hazel Grace said , "Depression is not a side effect of cancer , It's a side effect of dying. so is cancer almost anything is really." 

     I believe that I am a side effect of Cancer. I have Osteosarcoma. It's a type of bone cancer. I really don't like telling people I have cancer , because then after I tell them they look at me with  the " I feel so sorry for you " and say '' That is sad , but I know your going to give it a good fight'' That's what Mrs. Watson said at my first support group .  

                                   [  A/N - sorry for the short chapter i'm just a bit busy at the time. apologies!!!!!!!! ]

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