Adventure Time

"You know I love you"
"That doesn't Change anything"
"But I do"
He broke off and limped away . Forever


2. Support Group Sucks

   I never liked support group. All the stereotypical Cancer survivors , and the parents of the ones who did not survive. Just the ''I miss them but , they fought a good hard fight '' made me want to puke. But here I was sitting right next to  Mrs.Watson , The leader of our Support Group , which was being held at Starbucks today . I sipped my Iced Carmel Macchiato as I listened to Mrs. Watson tell her breast cancer story for the one newbie - who also had Bone Cancer - out of the  five people who actually showed up.

   ''So, who wants to start today,'' Mrs. Watson Asked to all the bored looking teenagers. She looked at the group from the window seat . The bright light drowned out her face , which was skinny and pale with no blemishes at all . No one answered , but stared at her. ''so... how about you , Sole''. Everyone's head snapped in my direction. I sighed and rolled my eyes.

     ''Hi,Um,my name's Sole, I'm 16 years old, and, um I'm doing O.K.''. 

      ''Hi , Sole .''

       ''What kind Cancer do you have, Sole'' Her high-pitched voice seemed to have warning.

       ''I have 'Osteosarcoma' it's a bone cancer,'' I took a deep breath ''It mostly just causes pain and the loss of limbs'' I pointed to my nub,which was looking very swollen that day. After I did that we introduced ourselves all around the room and left the Starbucks. I wandered the parking lot a little as everyone pulled out with their Red sports cars. That left me with 3 other cars. I soon got bored and got in my car to go  to beautiful boo-kays to get a blue candy floss for my Mum and brother. My mum , Chaundra , works in social. Not, like ,social media .No not like that that like helping people with daddy problems and stuff. My brother , Sean , he is still in primary school.

        I pulled up to the parking lot. Literally all the handicapped spots were gone the only spot I could find was in the back. Now, I know what your thinking ''that shouldn't be to much of a problem'' But O Jesus it was. Boo-kays is not like a little corner shop. The thing was huge it was a legit Grocery . Almost as big as Tesco , and all they sold were candy floss. Anyway , I got out of the car and hopped to the back to get my wheelchair.

           Then of course with my luck someone ran me over. Okay , maybe not literally. He bumped me , but it was hard enough to send me flying out of my wheelchair. He literally,without any words ran out of his car , picked me up , put me inside of his car , put the wheel chair on top of his car and drove all the way to the front.

           I snapped out of my daze and realized that I was in the store and I was moving forward in the choclatey fluff section . I nearly screamed , but I stopped moving , and a boy about 129 centimeters tall stood in front of me pushes my glasses up. "Do you fancy choco" an Australian voice asked me. "I owe you it. " me being the dumbass as always goes , after staring intently at the red head goes "wow, your hot." He chuckles " I like your face too" he smiles

              "I'm sorry , um , I'm actually here to get cotton candy for my family" 

               "No , that's fine" he said "how do you feel?"

                "I feel fine, " Ieaned back and squealed. "Just a bruise" He nodded and proceded to pick out three chocolate covered blue bouquets and bought them for me. "Oh , and my name's

Tyler, Tyler Code"

                   He wheeled me out to his car. I knew we were about to start a relationship. We had to , it was in the stars



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