Play with fire

I could take you out for dinner, but he could take you around the world and buy you anything. But we all know that I'm the one for you.


2. 2

Liam was really nice, we talked about most thing, a lot of memories; like that one time he peed on himself in disney so he took the extra pink short shorts.
It was so funny, his shirt was longer than the short and it was too small.

Or that time where i got my period for the first time; my dad was out of town, as well as Vicky and her step dad and mother. 
So Liam was staying in our house, I was bleeding and I thought I was about to die or some thing, so Liam called the ambulance and he was yelling "she will die", when they came they sat laughing for what seems like a life time.

"How is Zayn?" I ask Liam, oh how I miss him; he is my ex boyfriend, more like a best friend. You know he was a person I really trusted, he was like the Dead Sea; I never sink when I'm with him, when he went to rehab; i sinked. 

"He got out of rehab last year, Zayn asked everyone about you; his heart broke when he knew that you ran away... you should come and visit you know." Liam spoke, his voice getting softer and softer. 

"I was thinking of that, not sure if I want to see her or my dad, but I missed all of you." I spoke.

"come with me this weekend. You could stye with me, at my dads" Liam offers. I really miss Brighton, I really do. 

"Come on, we will not see Vicky or your dad, just your friends and people who miss you" Liam begged. 

"I'm going!" I surprise myself.

"Really? Really?" Liam's has the largest smile, I've ever seen. 

"Yeah!" He hugs me, I laughed about how excited he is. 

"I'm going to call every one!" Liam laughs. 

"Hey sweet pie, are you alright?" Niall smiles at me. As he hands me a pink drink.

"Oh Liam this is Niall, Niall this is Liam" I smile as they shake hands. 

"Liam is an old friend of mine, I told you a lot about his family, remember?" I could feel Niall's eyes looking at Liam with all hate. I take Niall's hand and hold it tightly. 

"Is this Vicky's brother? I shouldn't left you." Niall whispers in my ears. 

"He is no harm, pleas Niall just let it go" I whisper back, as he let go of my hand. 

"Not my hand, smartass; I mean the hate you have for him" I whisper to Niall. He hold my hands softly. 

"I'm trying." Niall whispers back, Liam standing awkwardly, looking at us whispering back and forth.

"You two make a great couple." Liam comments. 

"We are not a couple." Niall yelled annoyingly. As I step on his foot.

"Ouch, what was that for?" Niall speaks looking at me, completely ignoring that Liam is hearing us. 

"You're very rude." I spoke playing the same move and ignoring Liam. 

"I'm trying" Niall spoke. 

"Try harder." I huff. 

"Niall do you study at queen Mary with Sabrina?" 

"Yeah, why? what does that mean?" Niall speaks back.

"GOD! that means nothing Niall." I speak with the same rude tone, he just used. 

"Any way I'm going to Brighton this weekend, with Liam. Are coming?" I ask Niall.

"Sabrina, are you kidding me? You don't even know him, what if he-" I cut Niall off.

"Who talks? the person who I ran with with out even knowing his name? He is my dad's wife's brother, Niall."

"You're not going with out me, note that." Niall is really annoying me.

"Ok sure dad" I speak, ignoring Niall.

"I need to go... This is my number and my dorm number" Liam takes a paper and writes it. I give him a hug, and we say our good byes.

"See you.." Niall spoke, when Liam was out of sight Niall and I walk to the car.

"How do you feel? You know I don't want you to see that slut or that drug attic." Niall speak while he get in my orange mitsubishi eclipse.

"And why did you buy this car it makes me look gay" I ignore him and drive.

"You know I did not get pussy today, and that's you're fault" Niall huffs.

"I didn't even get a number" 

"Stop it Niall, why are you so annoying?" I yell.

"Sorry for not wanting you to get rape. From you're fucked up dad, your mothers brothers, drug attic ex or your own brother." With those words I lost it, I parked at the weirdest looking chinese restaurant. 

"Get the fuck out of my car." I yell. 

"Sabrina, its 2 am, move this fighting to when we are home." 

"Fuck you, get the fuck out" I yell. 

"I'm not going out of this car" Niall yells back. 

"Fuck, I'm going out." I yell at him. And I get out of my OWN fucking car. 

"See you in hell!" I yell, when he gets out of the car. 

"Come on, it's not a good neighborhood" Niall yells after me. 

"Niall, go... I don't I need you to protect me." I yell at him. 

"Get inside the car and I will walk home" 

"Niall not because I'm a girl, I have less power; if there is a murderer we would both die" I yell.

"Come-" I cut him off.

"Niall just once let me do what I want, please" my voice broke as if I'm about to melt down.

"Ok" his voice wasn't stable at all. 

"Thank you, see you at home." I say as I watch him go to the car and out of sight. 

I walk in the most creepy looking neighborhood, the houses are torn apart, it smelled like whiskey and puke.

My heels weren't a help at all, I wanted to take them off, but the floor was full with broken glass, and when it couldn't get worse, it started raining.

"Fuck" I mumble for the 100,000 time today. This neighborhood was not ending. I try to take my phone out of my bag to call Niall; just to notice I didn't have my bag nor my phone with me. Why me? What the fuck did I do? and with all that anger inside of me, I start taking huge steps, and with no fucking warning I fall on my face and land on a pool of dirty water, as I try to get up; the pain hitting hard. 
While I try to stand I fall back, noticing that one of my heels broke. 
Why? really what the fuck did I do to get my fucking luck? 
Try walking with broken heels, in the rain, I looked like a raccoon.

I heard foot steps behind me, no not today please, oh god, I looked behind me to see two guys wearing black, when I noticed them, the started running to catch me, I want Niall. 
I throw my heels and start running, but because I'm a fucking female; one of them puts a knife on my neck, oh god I should've stayed with Niall or got naked and running around like a crazy person and yelling "I'm god", wait I'm not that late. To act like a crazy person.

"Give me your all your money" one of them yelled. 

"I'm god" i yell back. They look at each other nervously. 

"What the hel-" I cut the one who is standing next to me.

"If you do anything to my human form; that I stole while burning her soul, I will make sure you two live the worst life ever" I yell like a crazy person.

"Give me the money before I kill you" he shouts in my ears, well that didn't work.

"Don't let me ask the lighting to burn you" I spoke, the knife getting closer to my neck. 

"Give me mone-"

"Leave her alone jimmy" a voice from behind spoke, and by that normal words, the knife was no longer on my neck. And an hand took me by the arm. All I could see in the dark was a hand full of tattoos.

"Are you crazy?" He shouts.

"Niall?" I couldn't help it, but ask, I know that it's not him, Niall has no tattoos, and Niall's voice isn't like that.

"No I'm not the dick that left you here, I'm not Niall." 

"Oh, who are you? Ted? Braden?" I tried thinking of every guy I know with tattoos.

"No, you don't know me." He spoke.

"Thank you for saving my life, but I need to go to home." I spoke.

"The rain is so strong, you can't walk all the way there." 

"I can" I huff as he let go of my hand and turn to face me, I fell on his chest. Looking up at him as he looked down. It was a perfectly romantic for anyone who see us now; his eyes locking with mine, he had beautiful green\blue eyes, full red lips; fluffy curly hair and a lovely dimple. Our faces so close.

"Hear me good, I'm not going to leave a girl here. Don't worry my family is in the house." He speaks, we walk silently to the same Chinese restaurants. 

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