Come Again?

Leigh-Anna, beautiful name as everybody says. Saying it should describe a beautiful girl? Wrong. I am Leigh-Anna Tomlinson, yeah yeah don't start on that One Direction shit. I'm adopted was put in an orphanage at birth. No I am not a normal 16 year old. I smoke, drink, get in to fights,etc. Anything you an think of I've most likely done. Do I like People Controlling me and telling me what to do? Nope not at all. Who knew I was less normal than I thought? That started with the few words" Hi, I'm Louis and I'm also your brother!"


3. Long Night

The next day I spent packing, and then the boys took me to their flat in which on the way there I learned more about them.

Zayn: Was quiet and mysterious until you actually got to know him. He was also engaged to Perrie Edwards from Little Mix.

Niall: Was really laid back and didn't many things to seriously unless it involved his family fans or his carrier oh don't forget Loud

Harry: Was Really cheeky and funny. He was known as a womanizer but after knowing him for a short period of time I could tell he was actually a really caring guy that any girl would be lucky to have.

Liam: Was the mature one. He took the leader role in the group and was really smart when it came to making decisions

Louis: Was the loudest most funniest and sarcastic person I had ever met other than my self before everything happened...... He was also the oldest of the band but acted like the youngest. He was 6 years older than me he was 22...... somehow I really thought he was 5


Soon we got home, and I went upstairs to unpack and check my phone. First checking my phone I saw a text from my best friend Estella

TO: Leigh-Anna

From: Estella

Party tonight at Lee's... you coming?

TO: Estella


Yeah sure I'll be there


after unpacking all my clothes and everything else I got ready by taking a shower curling my hair.After picking out my outfit which was a short red dress with black heels.

As soon as I grabbed everything I needed and put it in my clutch which included my



fake I.D

and.... other stuff ;)

I went downstairs ready to walkout when somebody stopped me "Where the Hell do you think your going" I turned around to see Louis looking at me quizzically. '" To get fucking Ice cream where the hell do you think I'm going" I answered like a smartass

" You look like a stripper in that I don't care where your going a sister of mine will NOT where anything like that out in public. I don't care if your 27 years old you are a lady not a slut who spreads her legs at command"

" Louis.... I'm gong to a party with my friends I'll where what I always where which is this, and if you think I'm changing anytime soon you so have no idea about my entire life and what I do." I said walking out the front door seeing Estella out front.. Getting in the car I could hear Louis screaming at me from the front porch. I didn't care I was going to be me... and if he doesn't like me than I'll leave him and go back to staying with the people who respect me.

About 25 minutes later we reached the party, and from a block away I could hear the music booming I knew it was going to be a crazy night. After walking In I went grabbed a drink and bringing Estella a soda. You see Estella was like me she just didn't drink because we her kidney had failed when she was younger.

***2 hours later***

It was about midnight and I had up to 12-15 beers or other drinks.... and  was totally wasted an had no ide what I was doing.. I saw Estella coming up to me. " Leigh-Anna your phone won't quit fucking going off and it is on my last nerve so answer who the hell ever is continuously calling you and I know its not Lukas or your parents its some guy named Louis and he Is BLOWING UP your phone" I pressed ignore and turned it off and put it back in my clutch which was in Estella's Purse.

Soon my favorite song was playing and I was grinding on some dude.... next thing I know we are on our way upstairs when Estella pulls me away and puts me in the car, and takes me back to the boys.

Once she pulls up to the house Estella practically carries me toward the door and rings the doorbell. Liam answers " Oh thank the Lord... Leigh-Anna, Louis has been worried sick abut you get in here." "Hi leeyum" " Oh dear lord Leigh-Anna loo at yourself Louis is going to murder you in the morning" Soon I saw Louis in the Living room with his head in his hands. " LouLou whats wong?" His head snapped up " Leigh-Anna?" " wait where the hell were you and what the fuck were you thinking when you left dressed like that with someone I don't know.. I me-" Lim cut him off " Louis she is smashed there is no total point in talking to her until tomorrow morning" He said and handed me to Louis in which he carried me bridal style upstairs to my room and took off my clothes and changed my clothes. and laid me down and covered me up and turned off the light.












***next Morning****

I woke the next morning with a killer hangover.. the first thing I shot for was the Toilet to spill out my guts. I feel someone holding up my hair afterwards I turn around to see Liam. " Do you remember anything from last night?" " nothing like usual' "wait this is a regular thing?" "yah at least twice a week" " Lord Louis is going to murder you are aware of that right he second you walk down those stairs you are going to be bombarded with a lecture" " yeah I kinda figured  might as well face it now" I said after brushing my teeth an rinsing my mouth out. opened my door and walked downstairs. There sat Louis with  cup of tea in his hands. He opened his mouth but I cut him off " hold on before you giving this whole long crap about everything that happened please let me get an aspirin" I said Grabbing one out of the cabinet. and taking a sip of water with it.

Then he opened his mouth and the words".....


Hi, I know its been forever since I've updated this one but I'll hopefully update on a weekly basis I know I will tomorrow though so... bye



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