Come Again?

Leigh-Anna, beautiful name as everybody says. Saying it should describe a beautiful girl? Wrong. I am Leigh-Anna Tomlinson, yeah yeah don't start on that One Direction shit. I'm adopted was put in an orphanage at birth. No I am not a normal 16 year old. I smoke, drink, get in to fights,etc. Anything you an think of I've most likely done. Do I like People Controlling me and telling me what to do? Nope not at all. Who knew I was less normal than I thought? That started with the few words" Hi, I'm Louis and I'm also your brother!"


7. " I-I need you L-Louis"


Waking up had always been a problem or me, and it being Monday didn't help meaning  had to go to school and go through all those shitty ass classes for 8 hours. I got up and took a shower and changed into a crop top and high waisted shorts with a denim jacket with a pairs toms. Grabbed my bag and went down stairs to grab an apple. Once I got down to the kitchen I checked the time. 7:15. Which surprised me really considering school didn't start till 8. When I turned into the dining room there sat Liam and Louis and someone I hadn't met.


"Oh Leigh what you doin up."

"I have this thing that is horribly boring filled with sluts and bitches called school"

the guy with them chuckled, I looked over to him

"And you are?"

"Luke.... Hemmings"

"Oh well Hi, I'm Leigh-Anna Louis' Sister"

I sat down, and puled out my phone checking the time. 7:25.

"Louis how long does it take to walk to London High"

"about 20 minutes why?"

"Cause I have to walk there"

" No need I have to go get the rest of the guys up and its on my way I'll drive you"

"Oh, thanks Luke"

" No problem"

after talking for a little while we left.


When I got to my locker an got my books for my class, I stopped by Noel's locker. When got there I was shocked, furious, and had tears forming in my eyes.

"Noel" I whisped my voice cracking " any reason you're making out with McKenzie?" I asked with anger this time.

"Leigh-Anna I swear it's not what it looks like"


" You know what.... I'm Done.... We're done. Obviously you don't care about what we HAD" I said walking off out the doors of the school.

When I got the side of the school, I pulled out my phone to call Louis.

after 1 ring he answered

"Leigh what's up."  I finally let the tears fall

" I - I need you L-Louis"

"Leigh-Anna please calm down and tell me what happened"

" N-Noel"

"I'll be right there In 5 I promise"



Feeling my phone vibrate in my pocket. I pulled it out to see Leigh-Anna calling

"Leigh what's up"

" I-I need you L-Louis" hearing her cry literally broke me heart

"Leigh-Anna please calm down and tell me what happened"

"N-Noel" I had to think for a second... Noel... Noel is her boyfriend. Whatever he did had t be something big. He made her cry at school she would never cry in public

"I'll be there in 5 I promise"

Getting in to the car. I made my way down to her school to see Leigh-Anna at the side of the school with her head I her hands sobbing. I got out of the car Paps or no paps, fans or no fans this Is my sister. I got own an picked her up and carrying her to the passenger seat. She locked in her seat belt. Then we left on our way home.




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