Come Again?

Leigh-Anna, beautiful name as everybody says. Saying it should describe a beautiful girl? Wrong. I am Leigh-Anna Tomlinson, yeah yeah don't start on that One Direction shit. I'm adopted was put in an orphanage at birth. No I am not a normal 16 year old. I smoke, drink, get in to fights,etc. Anything you an think of I've most likely done. Do I like People Controlling me and telling me what to do? Nope not at all. Who knew I was less normal than I thought? That started with the few words" Hi, I'm Louis and I'm also your brother!"


1. Come Again?

I looked at the clock, 15 minutes till I was out of this shit Bitch people call school. Mrs. Holt was starting to finish up the lecture on " The UK Today", and I couldn't concentrate on the lesson because 2 motherfuckers wouldn't quit talking about some band being in town for a non tour reason. I turned around, " would you two please shut the fuck up, Please and thank you" I asked her semi nicely, until she decided to reply " oh Wow miss bad arse has good grades who would've thought?" I then turned around and slapped her arse she calls a face. " Miss Tomlinson, Miss. Salam! hallway Now!" " Sorry Mrs. Holt can't...." I asked thinking about an excuse as McKenzie walked out the door my phone vibrated.

From: Janice(mum)

To: Leigh-Anna

Big News! Family Emergency home Now!

" mum just texted me she said we have a family emergency to get home now." I showed her the message she sighed but nodded, telling me to leave. I walked out the doors and walked home. It wasn't far considering I lived 2 streets away from the school. As I walked up the drive way I noticed a unfamiliar Rape Van in the drive way. I unlocked the door with the key that I always carried, and walked in. There on the couch sat My mum Janice, My dad Don, Lexis My 6 month old sister, and One Direction" The one I believe is called Louis Stood up ran over and hugged me while he pulled back he said " Hi I'm Louis and I'm also your biological brother" I couldn't comprehend, My first words to him were " Come Again?"

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