Come Again?

Leigh-Anna, beautiful name as everybody says. Saying it should describe a beautiful girl? Wrong. I am Leigh-Anna Tomlinson, yeah yeah don't start on that One Direction shit. I'm adopted was put in an orphanage at birth. No I am not a normal 16 year old. I smoke, drink, get in to fights,etc. Anything you an think of I've most likely done. Do I like People Controlling me and telling me what to do? Nope not at all. Who knew I was less normal than I thought? That started with the few words" Hi, I'm Louis and I'm also your brother!"


10. Arrested


Its been a week since the break up, and Noel hasn't been to school nor has anybody heard from him. The guys and I were sitting watching TV when there was a knock on the door. As Louis got up and answered the door we continued watching TV. I hear a male voice speaking. 

" Uh hello Officers how may I help you today"

" We're looking for Leigh-Anna Tomlinson"

" May I ask why"

" We can only speak to her or a legal Guardian"

:" I'm her brother and her Legal Guardian so..."

" She's being arrested for Assault"

" If I may ask against who?"

" Noel Gray"

I got up and walked to the door, 

"officers I'm Leigh-Anna Tomlinson so, if you want to arrest me go ahead, but you should no it's a false accusation"

"Leigh-Anna Shae Tomlinson you are under arrest for the Assault of Noel Gray. You have the right to Remain silent, You have the right to an to obtain a lawyer if you can not afford one one will be appointed" They repeated as they put hands cuffs on my wrist and walked me out the door 

" Do you understand these rights as I have repeated them towards you?"

" I do"

With that we drove to the County Jail



Seeing Leigh-Anna being arrested was horrible, I was going  to say something but she looked at me telling me not to. As they drove off I went into the living room and started out with directions

"Liam call Simon"

"Zayn call our Lawyer"

"Niall call Lukas"

" Harry call Janice and Don. I'm calling the girls I'll explain Later tell them all to meet us here"


So Sorry I haven't been active School and Practice just started back

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