Come Again?

Leigh-Anna, beautiful name as everybody says. Saying it should describe a beautiful girl? Wrong. I am Leigh-Anna Tomlinson, yeah yeah don't start on that One Direction shit. I'm adopted was put in an orphanage at birth. No I am not a normal 16 year old. I smoke, drink, get in to fights,etc. Anything you an think of I've most likely done. Do I like People Controlling me and telling me what to do? Nope not at all. Who knew I was less normal than I thought? That started with the few words" Hi, I'm Louis and I'm also your brother!"


2. A Loving Conversation

I stood there stunned there is no possible way, he could be my biological brother. We were nothing alike. Even so why did our parents keep him, and put me up for adoption? Everyone was looking at me, " Leigh-Anna are you okay?" the one with a shaved asked. No, I wasn't okay; I ran upstairs up to my room and across the hall, I could here music which meant Lukas was home. I just walked in, he was on his phone probably texting Chelsea his girlfriend, but when he took one look at me he dropped the phone. I had tears streaming down my face and while I could tell my face was red. He got up and pulled me into a hug. " Leigh- Anna what's wrong" he asked " I-i have a bi-biological b-br-brother." " who?, where is he?" " Louis Tomlinson, and he's downstairs with mum and dad and the rest of his band." He nodded and started pulling my arm towards the door signaling for us to go down stairs. I shook my head, I couldn't go down there I had already let my guard down and they didn't need to see me like this. " Lukee I don't wanna" I whined. " Yes, you do you've been waiting to met your real family for.... forever." I nodded and he pulled me out the doors and down the stairs.When we got to the bottom you could here him whispering to himself"  she hates me" and continually repeating. " No i don't, i just don't want to bombard you with questions you don't have answered to" " Leigh-Anna I'm sorry mum didn't have money to take care of both us us . I nodded a small smile on my face. " so I was wondering will you go on tour with me and the boys, oh and move in with us" I looked to Janice and Don they were nodding, I looked at Lukas and he was frowning but looked up and smiled. " i don't want you to leave Leigh-Anna, but this is your real family, and I will Not be the person to take that away from you. I looked at Louis a huge grin on my face, :" yes brother I will move in with you, and your band mates"  He looked at the boys and screamed with joy. " I have finally found you sis, I love you" I ran to him and hugged " thank you' I whispered in his ear

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